Hey, Liberals: Let’s “Unify” the Nation…

In these troubled times, so many of our betters in our beloved and respected elite have cried out that Americans must put aside our petty differences and come together, and I agree.

Let’s unify around the conservative agenda of the guy we elected president, Donald Trump.

Now, we have to unify around something, right? So, if we’re going to unify around something, shouldn’t we do it around the policies of the guy who won the presidency? Around the party that currently holds both houses of Congress? Around the side that holds the majority on the Supreme Court?

Ouch. Too soon?

Look, I mean, I could be cynical. I could doubt the sincerity of our moral superiors. I could engage in nutty conspiracy theories to the effect that the leftist whackos on CNNMSNBC and their Fredocon pals really mean we should unify around them and their preferred policies.

Which, of course, also means we would have to give up on our preferred policies, the ones that serve our interests instead of the interests of the useless elite.

But that’s crazy talk.

No, when they talk about unity, they totally mean that they intend to come around to our way of thinking. Because it’s the right thing to do – unifying and stuff.

As I explain in my hilarious and obnoxious new book, Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy, Normal people are perfectly willing to unify, when unity isn’t a fraud designed to cover the elite’s massive grift.

But, and I know this sounds kooky, a lot of Normals don’t trust our elite when it says “Trust us.”

Those darn regular Americans, always remembering all the ways that the elite has screwed up and failed. Iraq. The 2008 meltdown. The last couple seasons of The Walking Dead. But the elite’s done so many good things recently. There’s … uh … well … ummm … shut up, hate criminal!

Normals’ stubborn insistence on holding the elite accountable for its utter incompetence is definitely racist, sexist and…uh…transphobic. Yeah, that too, for some reason.

The simple truth is that these shrill demands for unity are really demands for our surrender.

The elitists who are howling that we have to come together have no intention of coming together with us.

Rather, they want us to come together around them and the very same policies, initiatives, and weird taboos that we’ve spent the last few election cycles repudiating.

What, exactly, do these people propose to give up to help close America’s divide?

Their campaigns against our free speech?

Our religions?

Our guns?

Our desire for people to use the right bathroom?

Nothing, nada, zip. They intend to give up nothing. We’re supposed to give up what’s ours. Why? We just are.

Most of all, what’s supposed to bring us together in this glorious frenzy of united unity is our relinquishment of our bad attitude, the uppity urge that leads us to embrace disruptors like Donald Trump and reject the hierarchy our betters desperately seek to reestablish – with themselves at the top and us toiling down below.

Don’t call it unity. Call it “unity.”

“Unity” means rejecting mean old Trump and his feisty ilk and re-embracing reasonable, rational, submissive GOP puffballs like Jeb! and Mitt. You know, Classic Republicans who understand their job is to lose like gentlemen and to talk bad about us members of the uncouth GOP base to their liberal buddies at cocktail parties.

“Unity” means not insisting on conservative judges.

“Unity” means not demanding respect.

“Unity” certainly means not blaspheming the Holy Sacraments of Elitism, like the climate change grift, the idea of the perpetual perfidy of patriarchy, and the need to utterly disarm the peasantry.

“Unity” means losing.

Enough of the quotation marks.

We can have unity, all right. We just need to do everything they want and we’ll have unity. Like ants have unity. Like the Red Chinese have unity. Like liberal college campuses have unity. Sweet, warm, huggy unity, under the benevolent guidance and iron rule of our elite betters.

Hard pass.

If they want unity, then they can unify around the Constitution – not what they try to shoehorn into it but what’s already in there.

If they want unity, they can unify around the radical idea that every American has the God-given right to say what he pleases, to pray how he pleases, and to pack the heat he pleases for the defense of himself, his family, his community, and his Constitution.

If they want unity, they can unify around the principle that we Normal Americans can and will rule ourselves, and that we do not need, do not want, and will not accept that anyone has the right to judge us, disrespect us, or dictate to us.

Unity means ending the re-litigation of the last election via the Mueller charade.

Unity means no more calling conservative dissenters “traitors” and yelling “Treason!” every time they get beat at the ballot box.

Unity means not calling for getting in their opponents’ faces to try to intimidate them into silence and acquiescence to liberal rule.

Unity means not whining about how the Constitution is unfair every time they lose a fight.

Unity means not just accepting that Donald Trump is our president but the fact that he has a moral right to pursue the policies that he promised the people who elected him.

Unity means our elite not being jerks, and that’s why unity’s not in the cards anytime soon.

Via: KurtSchlichter@TH

30 thoughts on “Hey, Liberals: Let’s “Unify” the Nation…

  1. Unity, diversity (or civility if you’re Hillary) are liberal code words for compromise. Conservatives and Republicans just need to shut-up, go away, surrender their principles and let the bratty kids have their way.

    Socialism is like adolescence in its rebellious nature. Some local high school kids are on strike over a crackdown on student violence. One girl said, “We’ll stop protesting when the school board cooperates.” How would you respond to that girl? “Young lady, in the spirit of unity we’ll agree to anything you say!”

    Not hardly. Somebody has to be the adult.

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    1. But, I’m tired of surrendering ground to the enemy.
      Let them throw their hissy fits, and screech about imaginary concepts like “equality.”
      They just need to do it on their own time, stay out of the road, and stop attacking people and property.
      When they cross the line, they should be crushed…

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        1. Saying they should “be crushed…,” should that not be interpreted as a threat? It’s pretty counter to, at the very least, your title to this blog post.

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          1. Not physically (unless they attack physically).
            But crushed at the ballot box, and purged from any position of power or influence. Make no mistake, I see the left as the enemy of freedom, and our Republic.
            I want unity for Americans; Democrats aren’t Americans. They’re globalist, Socialist, and reprehensible traitors. “Unity” will be automatic, once the left is powerless, and their followers have theirs eyes opened to the truth and reality.


            1. That’s fascism you nut.

              Also, saying that about all Democrats makes as much sense as someone saying all Republicans are fascist, toothless, racist hillbillies who care more about guns and unborn children than actual living, breathing humanity.

              I’m not holding out a ton of hope for your sanity card. Seriously, take that last rant you made about Democrats and shop that around to people you dont already know. Maybe even Republicans. I know what David Brooks would say about it.

              You just might be fringe at this point. Can I guess that you’re also highly, maybe even outspokenly Christian? It is a genuine guess; I mean no offense in discussing your potential spirituality.

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              1. Well, you seem pretty offensive, calling people a “Fascist.”
                1. Not a “Fascist,” I bet you have no idea what that even means. For the record, the people I identify with loaded up on ships and shot Fascists and Nazis right in their face, until they stopped twitching.
                2. “Fringe,” again, for someone who doesn’t mean to offend, you’re not doing so well at the effort. Perhaps, if you want to have a conversation, you might lay off the name calling?
                3. My beliefs aren’t really your concern, are they? But if you care to try and ascertain them you can look through our archives.


              2. I’ve reread a fair bit of this and realized I’ve made some poor assumptions and overlooked some things you’ve clearly stated. The fault was mine for responding hastily. Sorry for assuming you’re a less reasonable person than what I implied. Backing away slowly… we may disagree, but I’m also for unity. I haven’t much acted that way in this thread

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              3. No problem. I can be a little blunt sometimes, and one of the reasons we do this is to “trigger,” in hope of a reasoned debate and of course to try and sway opinions.
                Take care, and thanks for stopping by, and commenting.


        2. Yep!
          What does the left have to do with the U.S.?
          They hate this nation, it’s families, our military, our economic system, our freedom.
          Let’s say you coach a football team, but 4 players from a rival team have been practicing and playing in games ON YOUR team…Remove the intruders, the saboteurs, the spies and you now have “unity.” Everybody on the same team, with the same vision, and goals.


          1. You are a nut. You’re saying members of the left hate their own families? Hate other democratic families? That’s just nonsensical. Hate this nation AND want to radically take it over? Hate their own freedom, the thing that allows them to express the insane and hateful things you claim?

            Yeah, I’m good on this conversation. By the by, you’d get way more likes on writers beat.

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  2. A tale of two cultures. One side says, “I don’t want government to regulate my life. I don’t want government to steal my money and give it to someone else. I don’t want to be told that I have to buy health insurance, or be fined. I don’t want government telling me how much I can save, or be penalized. I need my hard-earned cash to support my family and to fulfill my dreams.

    That’s true freedom: to be free from burdensome regulation and taxation. Conservative and libertarian principles embodied by the Republican Party are the only guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Government does a great job at spending other people’s money usually for things that violate their values. For example, I don’t want to pay for someone’s abortion. I don’t want to pay for a needle exchange program that allows junkies to enter a taxpayer-funded clinic to get a free hit. I don’t want to pay for government boondoggles — like the proverbial bridge to nowhere — that enrich Democrat Party donors (union bosses and contractors).

    What we’re talking about are two different visions of America. One path ascends to liberty while the other descends to tyranny. Government does not give anything away for free. Taxation and regulation demand compliance, or a surrender of personal wealth and freedom.

    Isn’t it a noble thing to pursue an egalitarian society? No, not when it violates my civil rights. Frankly, the struggle is between socialism and democracy. Liberalism, fascism and communism are subsets of socialism. They are government imposed systems designed to make everyone the same. In contrast, there is the rugged individualism embodied by the American pioneer — people who understood that government is best that governs least.

    The only legitimate function of government is to provide for the common defense, oversee commerce and maintain a system of justice (e.g., the Supreme Court). Anything beyond that is socialism. The Democrat Party represents socialist values. With the exception of Bernie Sanders most Democrats won’t admit their socialist agenda, or they’ll employ deceptive language to sell a bag of lies to the American people.

    So we’re at a stalemate. The rhetoric is heated, and people are not hearing what the other side is saying. I wince when conservatives are called “fascist”. That reflects a lack of historical knowledge.

    A local Democrat on election night rejoiced that voters rejected the “fascists”. A reporter questioned her assertion that Republicans are fascist. She was taken aback for a moment that someone from the media would challenge her perspective, and was forced to take back her comment.

    I mean, it’s like Hitler calling Stalin a fascist when, in fact, they were both socialists — just like those who called themselves Progressive. Think of it this way: linguine, fettuccine and spaghetti — it’s all pasta.

    Well, I don’t like pasta … and I don’t want it shoved down my throat.

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    1. Very well written, and 100% correct.
      Most of the people screaming “Fascist,” “racist,” and “Nazi,” can’t even define those words. Nor do they realize that they’re self-describing.
      I know for a fact that I’m not a Nazi, racist, or Fascist. And I’m getting tired of having such slanders thrown at me, and other Americans…especially by actual Fascists, Nazis, and racists.
      Socialism is nothing more than the “welcome mat” for Communism. Neither have any place in the U.S., nor any modern, Western society. It’s all been tried, and it’s all failed spectacularly.
      Lefties like to point at some soft Socialist countries in Europe, rather than the obvious failed states elsewhere…But the European nations flirting with Socialism are miserable and only continue to eat because they had enormous wealth to start with, and haven’t destroyed it all…Yet.


      1. The Democrat Party wants to transplant European socialism in the United States. Young people who don’t know American history — because of a failed education system — and who have been socialized by CNN and Facebook, do not appreciate the concept of American exceptionalism.

        I hear Millennials say that America is not great nor has it ever been, and they blame the Constitution. This is very scary, but not unlike what we heard from Obama on his world apology tour where he confessed all of America’s sins. It was embarrassing and made him look weak.

        America is uniquely great because it is not Europe. At least half of our population still believes that.

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        1. I actually think it’s more than half that still love the U.S. and our Constitution.
          I’m guessing true Commie-Libbie-Dems are a tiny number. They just have force multipliers in media, tech, and entertainment. And they routinely cheat during elections, which needs to stop.


          1. I don’t know. Hillary got more votes than Trump. In the midterm, 40 million voted Democrat while only 31 million voted Republican. Some pundit on CNN complained that Democrats got more votes, but they lost the Senate. She blamed gerrymandering.

            Well, no. Gerrymandering affects House seats, but it’s illegal. Senate seats are decided by state — not districts. Every state is equal with two senators, and there are more red states than blue which is why Republicans control the Senate. You’d expect a news analyst to know this, but all they know is fake news.

            It’s a matter of concern that Democrats are outpolling Republicans in the popular vote. Now they are targeting Texas and Florida. If they succeed then we can say goodbye to the good ol’ USA.

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            1. But I think 31 million is it! That leaves about 300,000,000 Americans.
              There’s lots of good people who don’t vote because they think it doesn’t matter, or won’t make a difference, etc.
              We have to figure out how to reach them and get them involved.


              1. Revised numbers are in and Democrats outvoted Republicans (in millions) 51.7 – 47.4. That’s 16 million fewer Republican votes than were cast two years ago. The GOP failed to turn out the vote.

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              2. We voted, and we’ve tried to urge others to do so as well.
                I can’t understand an American who doesn’t vote!
                I still believe that the Dem’s 51.7 is padded with illegal alien votes, and votes that were simply fabricated.
                Again, what is the problem with conservatives?
                We give them control, and they still don’t fix the problem of leftist election fraud, censorship of conservative news and voices, etc.


  3. People who don’t vote will say their vote doesn’t matter. If you are conservative living in California your vote for Trump in 2016 didn’t matter, and it won’t in 2020. It’s hard to argue against that.

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    1. I know…
      “It doesn’t matter, they’re both the same”
      “My vote doesn’t count”
      and some put conditions on their vote, like:
      “When they do something about doctors or insurance companies or whatever, then I will vote”
      But it does matter, and Trump is not the same. Each vote does count (unless you vote in an area where votes are counted by Democrats).
      Keep fighting, keep voting, and keep trying to educate good Americans that if they don’t register and VOTE…they face the very real danger of losing their property, guns, Bibles, bass boats, neighborhoods, and FREEDOM!

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