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Survival Pack…

An Android app that can save your life, and the lives of your loved ones…

Alley for Play 2

The good folks at packapps7 have developed an app that helps users to avoid being attacked, survive an attack by destroying the attacker, and call for help by simply pushing a button. The cost for this bodyguard/ self-defense system is a one time charge of only .99.

More HERE…Buy it HERE





About our Market Square…’s Market Square is a great place to showcase your business, service, or unique wares. We are currently on track to have over 270,000 views in our first year, with 5300 + views a week, and we expect that figure to grow exponentially each month. For $120.00/ year (roughly a penny for each 2300 views we get) you receive:

  1. An ad on our Market Square page, with links to your own page at our site with your detailed description of your offer (Edited by us).
  2. Links to your site where readers can purchase from you.
  3. Twice a year we feature your product or service at the top of our home page for a week, giving you maximum exposure.
  4. To promote efficiently, we currently allow only 15 advertisers to participate at one time. We don’t want the page to get too large and be confusing, and we want to highlight our  advertisers, not have them lost among too many others.
  5. We will verify advertisers and their offers, in order to only offer the best to our readers.

Please contact us @, or HERE, to get more information, or to get your ad placed.


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