UK Police Want to Hide This Video of Multiculturalism in Gloucester…

Just a typical day in merry old England.

(Watch full-screen for best viewing)

Thank GOD all the Brits had to give up their guns, otherwise some old, White, English bigot might have been able to stop this delightful display of cultural enrichment. Now, with the bulldog’s teeth pulled, foreigners feel more free to share their societal norms with those stodgy Brits.

It’s a win-win!

And the Police in the U.K. aren’t too thrilled with this video being shown. It might make some re-think the wisdom of flooding their nation with third-world people.

People who don’t belong in England. People who are steadily contributing to English culture, at least in the areas of rape and murders.

A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire police said: “A man remains in custody this morning, Tuesday August 27, in connection with an incident where two men were stabbed.”

Gloucestershire police has also urged members of the public to stop circulating footage of the incident.

Det Chief Insp Neil Smith said: “Many of you will be aware of the incident that took place in Barton Street yesterday evening which involved two men being stabbed. We are carrying out an attempted murder investigation in connection with this.”

“Shortly after the attack a member of the public shared with us some mobile phone footage of attack, this will now form part of our investigation and prosecution case.”

“We have now been made aware that this footage has been circulated across numerous media platforms and is being shared between phones users.”

“Can I please remind you all that this footage depicts the most horrendous series of events, the victims are badly injured and the last thing they or their families need is to have this played out on social media.”

“I need this to cease immediately please, just imagine if this was a member of your family. We must show compassion and respect for all involved.”

Via: GL

Sorry Detective Chief Inspector… We’re posting it!

We believe people should see the truth, prepare themselves for the situational reality, and consider long and hard how they should vote!

Wake up U.K.!

Shake off the chains of the E.U., and rid yourself of  the “leaders” who have been foisting violence on you and your families.

9 thoughts on “UK Police Want to Hide This Video of Multiculturalism in Gloucester…

  1. IF anyone is wondering, this is normal behavior in Gloucester.
    Visiting the city was not one of our personal likes and the no go zones were well known.
    A visit to their A&E at night ended up with a rushed drive from there to neighboring Cheltenham.
    Me sat there saying it’s better to die in the passenger seat than sit in Gloucester RI for hours watching and fearful, for my wife as the scum ran riot. A scene all too common in our multicultural enriched country.

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  2. It’s obvious that for people to unite they must be working to share the same culture. That’s the main ingredient in America’s melting pot. The most important attribute of a culture is it’s spoken language, followed closely by it’s majority religion. However, it took a couple of generations for my ancestors to assimulate. Today’s legal immigrants should be given the same amount of time to assimilate.


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