TriggerReset (TR) is a web-based magazine that includes information deemed relevant to an average couple, living in the Southern United States.

It is NOT politically correct.

Independence Hall
Independence Hall

It features everything from news and politics and homeschooling advice to recipes and cool stories that champion the virtues and convictions that we hold dear. But, it also reveals and illuminates outrageous breeches of decency and exposes deliberate agendas designed to enslave the American people by subverting, limiting, and infringing our liberties.

Frank and Freeda Blunt are not our real names, but that doesn’t matter.

We represent a real American family (Father, Mother, Child, and pet) dealing with out-of- control, biased special interests groups who are attempting to thwart our constitutional freedoms and foist unreasonable demands on a large portion of the voting populous.

Let us be clear: We DO NOT believe in so-called “civil” rights. Legal citizens of the United States of America have rights granted by:

  • God
  • The Constitution
  • And those that can be physically defended

That’s it. There is no “right” to not be offended.

The beliefs we hold and the societal mores we live by are based on Judeo-Christian principles, and we support the historical evidence that our country was founded in accordance with these truths.

Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence

If that offends someone, then obviously that person is horridly—and possibly intentionally—uneducated.

Race, religion, culture, and background have absolutely no influence on our opinions or beliefs. Wicked injustice, whether it is perpetrated by a government or an individual, is wrong. And, while we see everyone equally, we judge by actions (fruit).

Evil is evil the world over, and is no respecter of persons. The same holds true for goodness, virtue, and righteousness.

These are our beliefs:

  • Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.
  • His mercy is for everyone who accepts it.
  • A capitalist society (free trade) is the backbone of our liberties. Without a free market, we are slaves.

We will NOT try to force our beliefs on others. Therefore, we do NOT want others to force us to change our beliefs and we will fight against the systematic destruction of the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Sadly, it seems in today’s media culture that while we respect the right of others to have their own personal beliefs (as long as those beliefs do not injure others), certain other groups do not reciprocate.

The stories we comment on, the comic relief we post, and the personal opinions we profess are for education and entertainment, and we welcome rational discussion.

If you don’t like it… LEAVE.