The Absolute Truth About “Transgenders”…

First, Dr. Michelle Cretella on Transgenderism: A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right…

Next, the story of Dr. Money that she mentioned in her interview. Understand that this “doctor” is the founder of all the current madness being forced on medical practitioners and society.

Also understand that Dr. Money was a sick fiend who forced these children to disrobe, simulate sex, and photographed them.

Long video, but it’s worth it to understand that the people pushing this agenda are sick, those suffering from the mental condition are sick, and that neither group should be encouraged by forcing people to accept their condition, nor should they be allowed to flaunt their illness in public or be in the restroom with kids, women, or men.

The danger is that after they realize that they will never be women, or men, or puppies no matter how much they pretend, want to, or are disfigured by surgery… they can snap and lash out at normal people. That’s already happened…see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

14 thoughts on “The Absolute Truth About “Transgenders”…

  1. God made the animals, man, then woman.
    A woman who mucked everything up BUT that’s another story.
    Probably would have never happened had it not been for that damn snake.
    But nowhere in the equation did God make LGBT ‘whatever’.

    Fast forward to today and you have that same snake masquerading as liberal thinking and still mucking everything up.

    I suppose that was the one thing God got wrong.
    Making that damn snake!

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    1. Liberals aren’t too bright or experienced, including sexually. They mistake “kink,” or fantasy, for “gender.”
      Someone can pretend to be a woman, dress like a woman, and feel like a woman…but unless they were born a woman, they’re not one.
      The wife and I might pretend I’m the U.P.S. man, a Police officer, a pirate, doctor, or a viking…but I’m not…it’s just pretend, and I don’t expect the entire world to respect it or pretend along with me. It’s all just bedroom fun, and it shouldn’t extend beyond the bedroom. (Or the yard.)

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  2. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    You are male or female. Simple. But if you chose to act like something else or “identify” as something else, feel free to do so. But I as a citizen am not required to agree and I have the right it disagree. I an NOT required to give you any special treatment. If I do so I chose to do so not as a requirement but as a courtesy.

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      1. Like any parents without too much education etc. they listened to the advice of their Doctor as re: the ‘penectomy’ That is what I read in one place. They didn’t know any better. Dr. Money was also abusing the children on their ‘Doctor visits”. I don’t know if the parents found out about that part. So sad. They both commited suicide. Tragedy.

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  3. I just watched your video. It brought tears! Dr. Money putting his research success ahead of just letting the children be natural! The parents should have sued the Doctor who made the mistake of using a cautery for a circumcision instead of a scalpel. Honestly! They could have repaired the initial mistake when Bruce was a little bigger. The parents could have used the money from the lawsuit to let the children have a normal more happy childhood and life. Wow! I didn’t know Dr. Money was that crazy. Perhaps he does have the proper name.

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