Selling Beating Baby Hearts: Not Even Jezebel Did This…

As I documented in my new book, Queen Jezebel was the most wicked woman in the Bible. She was a zealous idol worshiper. She was a murderer. She intimidated by fear. She was associated with sexual immorality and sorcery. And, as part of her idol worship, she was likely involved in the sacrifice of babies. But not even Jezebel sold baby parts for profit.

Forget the alleged medical benefits of this ghastly practice.

Forget the so-called humanitarian purpose behind this horrific trade.

It is downright evil to market the hearts and heads and limbs and lungs of babies slaughtered in the womb.

It is wrong. It is wicked. It is woeful.

Confessions in a Court Room

The headlines alone sound like they have been taken straight out of an R-rated horror movie (actually, worse than R), starting with: “In Court Hearing, Planned Parenthood Employee Admits To Trafficking In Baby Body Parts.”

And then this: “StemExpress CEO admits selling beating baby hearts, intact baby heads in Daleiden hearing.”

Normally, when I am grieved by the latest news, I feel moved to write, immediately and on the spot.

But this was too heavy, too numbing, too overwhelming. How can this be?

Yet the words cannot be ignored: “The CEO of StemExpress essentially admitted in court Thursday that her biotech company supplies beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers.

“She also admitted at the preliminary hearing of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress that the baby’s head could be procured attached to the baby’s body or ‘could be torn away.’”

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2 thoughts on “Selling Beating Baby Hearts: Not Even Jezebel Did This…

  1. Even Dr. Jozef Goebells didn’t go this far. One would think that he was bad, which he was, but this is straight out of hell. If I still had small children, I would be terrified to let them out of my sight. The staff who work in these ‘units’ must be pretty far gone mentally and spiritually to engage in this mutilation of beautiful human babies. The Gestapo soldier could do it ,,, they had enough hate in their hearts … How would a person react to have one of these doctors as a surgeon for their child in a normal suburban hospital. And surely some of them do have faculties in regular hospitals, their night jobs hidden.

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