“Mainstream Media” Will NOT Show Americans THIS Video From Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s District…

Let’s get something straight; this IS NOT an “anti-Black” article.

TriggerReset is in no way implying that the behavior of these savages is typical of Blacks. In fact, we regularly publish stories that feature Black Americans who we agree with, pray for, support, and consider our fellow Americans and Christian brothers and sisters. Looking through our archives just now, I find that four of the videos we’ve posted highlighting Black Americans who support our President and our Constitution have been removed by YouTube, but some examples can still be seen HERE, HERE, and HERE.

We also will not shy away from posting the evil things some do, or calling out thugs as thugs, just because they’re Black.

Or White.

Or whatever.

This post IS anti-Islam, anti-illegal alien, anti-criminal, anti-Democrat, and anti-“sanctuary city.”

Make no mistake, I lay ALL of what you’re about to see at the feet of Democrats and former president Obama. Without any doubt, their constant calls for violence and cries of racism coupled with flooding the U.S. with our enemies from the third-world and attacking law enforcement have led us to this.

Stick around, I want to discuss some elements of what you’re about to see in more detail…

(Video From: HERE)

Do you have the stomach to watch it all? You better have!

This is EXACTLY the future that the Democrat/ globalists have planned for you.

This is real, and happening now in the U.S. and other nations. This IS one of the major threats that you and yours face.

Watch again.

Can you see the victim being set up? As he has his face buried in his “smart phone,” the pack is surrounding him.

His first mistake?

Being there!

(Well, actually his first mistake was probably voting Democrat and living in a “progressive” controlled urban area.)

His second?

Not immediately exiting when the pack started forming up to attack. There’s usually (not always) a choreographed lead up to an attack, and being able to spot it and able to act can help you avoid an attack, or at least survive. It’s a dance of sorts, and being aware of it early is imperative if you want to avoid being the “belle of the ball” that everyone dances with.

*For you concealed carriers… at what point should he have drawn and fired? Remember, it’s too late when he’s down and only partially conscious.

Did you watch as they stripped him? This is pure hate, and racism.

They wanted to hurt him, permanently. So he would never forget. So he would always be in fear. They wanted to humiliate him, and strip him of his manhood and humanity. So he would always comply and be submissive.

They enjoyed it!

Note that after he’s on the ground, he basically gives up, thinking that they will have some mercy and quit attacking.

Did that work?

No, the attackers, after getting submission from their victim, are emboldened to make a game out of injuring and possibly killing him.

Never, EVER give up!

Sociopaths (liberals) will torture someone to death with glee. They’ll smash a skull out of curiosity. They’ll kill for thrills, and go buy some malt liquor with your credit card while you twitch and bleed out.

Too graphic? Then STAY HOME!

Frankly, if you’re not ready and willing to fight evil, to fight it hard and dirty, to gouge out its eyeballs, break its knees, bite out its throat, and smash its skull

You really aren’t ready for a day in the city, and you sure shouldn’t be herding your family there.

This is real, folks.

This man was looking at his phone (probably Facebook, who would ban this very video of his attack so he’s kept in the dark), enjoying a nice day in the city, when BOOM!!!, reality hit him hard. And stomped him. And dropped planters on him. And stripped him for rape. And rode a freakin’ bicycle over him.

So, after the attack began… What could he have done?

Being outnumbered and I assume unarmed, the best he could have done was to fight back savagely, injure as many as possible as severely as possible, and hopefully find a second to escape.

The victim should have been throwing things to create distance; phone, planters, bicycles, etc. The victim should have been punching throats, gouging eyes, and kicking knees and groins.

This hate is not limited to just our cities, or even just the U.S.. The Paris Muslim terrorist who stabbed nine last week stopped during the attack to high-five another Muslim who casually watched the attack. This video is also from France, just watch and listen…

Besides being prepared, what else can you do?

  1. Pray for our nation and our president

  2. Vote! and get other like-minded Americans to register and vote

  3. Follow us by e-mail, and place our email address in your address book so we’re not sent to spam and missed.

  4. Share, like, and comment! Help us get the truth out! You know the left, “media,” and big tech are censuring the truth, blocking sites, shadow banning, etc. in an effort to keep Americans and others in the dark.

Don’t let them win! It’s our duty to preserve freedom for ourselves, and those who come after us.

Make no mistake, this is a war. A war between civilization and savagery, a war between good and evil, a war between freedom and slavery, a war between Americans…

and Democrats.

5 thoughts on ““Mainstream Media” Will NOT Show Americans THIS Video From Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s District…

  1. France. Illegals wreaking Paris.
    London and it’s multicultural wonderland with it’s drugs, blades, acid, and guns.
    All carried by ethnic minorities (and a few white losers).
    German and it’s rapefugees.
    Welcomed only to abuse their hosts in the foulest of ways.
    And as for you.
    Who gave these scum the whip hand in the first place?

    I could go on around the world but to what end.
    There are solutions to these problems but political will won’t countenance them.
    The wet, deluded, religious, and the law wouldn’t let them anyway.
    So the ‘bad’ grow embolden as there is no restraint and usually little if any punishment.
    Just like their ethnic group, gang, or whatever, do in their homeland.

    Yet I’m remembering something I read. Made a lot of sense to me.
    You can take the man out of the jungle but you’ll never take the jungle out of the man.
    What’s one obvious solution?
    Put the man back into his jungle, but I suggest one little change to this obvious solution.
    With anyone who objects.

    In the UK alone that would open up one hell of a lot of social housing and funding for people who matter.
    The indigenous.
    I wonder. What benefit would that have for the US and beyond?

    Liked by 1 person

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