Democrat Candidates: Ban EVERYTHING…

It’s rather amazing to me that the leftists think their vision of geared up Democrats creeping through our homes to confiscate everything they disapprove of is somehow alluring.

Yet, they simply cannot help themselves.

During the hours long “debate” on “climate change,” which is itself a thoroughly debunked “progressive” lie, the finest of the left added more items to the list…

7 thoughts on “Democrat Candidates: Ban EVERYTHING…

    1. Yep!
      Control, wealth redistribution, and jealousy.
      The left hates it that you and I have the freedom to fuel up and drive wherever we please with no permission or permits required. Listen to whatever music or talk show we please. Keep our temperature set as we please… etc.
      Just like they can.

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  1. I finally worked it out.
    Your Democrats all originated from UK politicians.
    Once you start thinking along those lines, their stupidity is still wrong but understandable.

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    1. When they get down to straws and light bulbs it just looks silly.
      Under Obama, we were forced to buy the new, more efficient light bulbs. They cost more, and seem to burn out quicker. I have no problem with an increase in efficiency, better mileage or a 43 watt bulb that has the output of a 60 watt, but the old bulbs were $1.99 for a four pack, and each bulb would burn for about 11 months. Now the new-improved bulbs cost $6.99 for a four pack and last about 2 1/2 months.
      I wonder if they factored in the extra trips to the store in a 395 HP truck to buy more replacement bulbs?
      I wonder what amount of electricity has been really saved by forcing us to buy the new bulbs.
      It seems that there should be mountains of discarded light bulbs piling up as well, since we have to change them out every 10 weeks or so.
      As you know, I feel government does a great job at waging war… Killing people and blowing up stuff… and some basic infrastructure; bridges and whatnot… and some very limited regulations.
      And they should be limited to exactly those areas.

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      1. Personally I liked the meme that ‘The government should fear the people and not the other way around’.

        In modern politics the concept of equals frightens the hell out of politicians which is why the are trying to control the smallest element in our lives.

        Without contesting that power trip, we’ll all remain servants of those we foolishly voted in as our masters.

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