Outrage: Police Officer Tries to Kidnap 12-Year-Old Girl, Then Videos Himself Urinating on Her…

There is no excuse for this, at all.

This man should have never been a police officer, and he should face swift and brutal justice for his attack on a child…


A Cleveland police officer tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl waiting for her school bus and urinated on her while he filmed the interaction, prosecutors said.

Officer Solomon Nhiwatiwa, 34, is charged with attempted kidnapping, pandering obscenity, disseminating material harmful to juveniles, assault, endangering children, child enticement, interfering with custody and public indecency. He is set to be arraigned on Monday.

He was suspended without pay until the case is concluded. He was hired as a police officer in 2014.

“He will be held accountable,” Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley said. “It’s my office’s mission to ensure he never wears the badge of a police officer again.”

The incident happened on Friday on Euclid Avenue in Euclid. Nhiwatiwa was arrested on Tuesday.

The girl was sitting on the sidewalk waiting to be picked by a school bus. Nhiwatiwa drove up and tried to entice the girl to get inside his car by asking if she needed a ride to school, prosecutors said.

The Euclid Police Department on Thursday released additional information about the Friday incident that led to Nhiwatiwa’s arrest.

A 37-year-old woman report about 6 a.m. that she saw a suspicious man, later identified as Nhiwatiwa, looking into her car. She asked him why he was there, and Nhiwatiwa walked back to his BMW SUV without saying anything, police reports say.

The woman told Euclid police officers the man “seemed startled and very nervous.”

Officers found the SUV a short time later and noted it was illegally parked, according to police reports.

About an hour later, Nhiwatiwa — who has three children including a two daughters, ages 12 and 10, and a 7-year-old son– drove down East 248th Street and spotted a 12-year-old girl he didn’t know sitting on the sidewalk waiting for her school bus, police reports say.

Nhiwatiwa asked the girl several questions— “What are you doing? Can I take you there? Can I ask you some questions? What’s your name? Can I talk to you”— to which the girl repeatedly replied no or ignored him, police reports say. The girl did tell Nhiwatiwa where she went to school.

Nhiwatiwa drove away but returned one minute later. He parked his car, got out and walked up to the girl with his penis in one hand and his cellphone in the other, police reports say.

While recording the incident, he urinated on the girl’s head, upper body and legs, police reports say. The girl told police she was extremely scared and in shock. She asked Nhiwatiwa what he was doing, and he replied “What’s wrong bitch,” police reports say.

When he finished urinating, Nhiwatiwa walked back to his car and drove away. The girl called her mother, who picked her up and took her to the Euclid Police Department.

No officers were at the station at the time, so someone told the girl’s mother to either come back another time or wait an hour. The mother left, dropped her daughter off at school and returned later in the day to report the incident, police reports say.

The girl’s mother saved the clothes her daughter wore during the incident and turned them in to police. Investigators noted they were still wet and smelled of urine.

Investigators showed Nhiwatiwa’s BMV photo to the girl, who picked him out of a photo lineup with 100 percent certainty, police reports say.

Via: Cleveland.com

4 thoughts on “Outrage: Police Officer Tries to Kidnap 12-Year-Old Girl, Then Videos Himself Urinating on Her…

  1. I think it goes further than Obama’s legacy.

    Can it be being ‘ethnically, religiously, and gender diverse ‘, to appease the wet Liberal’s agenda, is lowering standards and FORCING previously well run organizations to hire by reason of nationality, religion, and include the newest of wrinkles, this third gender?

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