Fast Draw: Israeli Police Quickly Handle Two Muslim “Palestinian” Terrorists…

The officer who was stabbed will be fine… The two murderous Muslims won’t be stabbing anyone else. Ever.

3 thoughts on “Fast Draw: Israeli Police Quickly Handle Two Muslim “Palestinian” Terrorists…

  1. Yesss! Way to go!
    Just now a thought came to my mind which was turning around there for years on and off.
    Many good guys are fighting that scum in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.
    They are fighting them in order to keep the spreading of islamism at bay, helping the natives to remain somewhat free – at least they’re having more freedom without the different brands of the same deadly lunacy that goes by the name of Taliban, Hamas or IS to name a few examples.
    At least that’s the reason for their fight that is being presented to us.
    Down there they’re fighting them, killing them and trying to stop them.
    And what’s going on in the minds of these brave souls when they return home from duty only to find their countries being swamped by countless of the very same creatures they were just fighting?
    In their very own country they’re not allowed to fight them. They’re not allowed talking to them in the only language these fanatics understand.
    This already feels terrible to me even though I never served in those countries – and I can’t fathom how they cope with that situation…

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    1. I don’t know.
      I know I don’t care for them being here. Oddly, after watching them burn our flag, slaughter my fellow countrymen and women, and blasphemously declare that hideous thing they bow to a “god,” I don’t much care for them in my country.


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