Dead Men Tell No Tales: Epstein Reportedly Dead From “Suicide”…

How convenient!

How shocking and unexpected! A rich pimp who enslaved underage girls to service the “global elite” has supposedly killed himself in jail… Just before any more details came out.

Know this: President Trump threw Epstein out of his club for “inappropriate” behavior targeting young girls. He is not involved with this creep. Years ago they had some contact as two rich dudes might, but after seeing the kind of evil, sick freak Epstein was, Trump turned his back on him.

I’m telling you this because the leftist controlled “mainstream media” will try their best to connect our President to this sicko in an effort to cover for the Clintons, the Democrats, themselves, and the other members of their “elite” gang. Remember… Liberals accuse others of what they, themselves, are guilty of.

Clinton on Epstein’s plane

It’s already happening. Pictures of Clinton and Epstein are being scrubbed. “Media” figures are speculating that the Russians killed Epstein to protect Trump.

Be strong, patriots. Whether he killed himself or was snuffed, this is the deep-state at it’s best. His death is a message to the rest… Be silent, or you’re next.

Now some interesting footage of Epstein’s “temple” which was supposedly a workout room. Note around the 48 second mark there seems to be some sort of iron rings in the ground… as if to secure something or someone. Also, look very closely at the bed. Their seems to be stains on the mattress around the head and foot areas. More on that in a minute…

Take a closer look at the bed in the “temple.” This photo has been enhanced, but look at what’s revealed…


Epstein’s Florida mansion contained many shocking pictures, some of underage girls… Much like Clinton pal Podesta’s home.

A fully equipped dentist’s chair, close-up photographs of young girls’ backsides and a snap of a pedophile meeting a pope. These were the images that police found when they searched evil Jeffrey Epstein’s waterfront mansion.

Now Daily Mail Online has exclusively obtained the video that shows the cops combing over every inch of the $16.4million property that the pervert friend of Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew called home.

And it shows in intimate detail just how depraved was Epstein’s liking for girls — the younger the better.

Dozens of pictures — including one of a child aged no more than six or seven bending over in a tiny dress which was considered so bad that authorities blurred it out on the video — adorn the walls.

Via: DM

Let all this sink in.

And pray for the truth and justice. For protection on your family, our nation, and our President.

Hopefully, Epstein left a “deadman file” with several trustworthy people. Hopefully, some on the left repent and come forward with the truth.

Hopefully… they don’t commit “suicide.”

3 thoughts on “Dead Men Tell No Tales: Epstein Reportedly Dead From “Suicide”…

    1. This is real bad. Since he had an “incident” two weeks ago, either a suicide attempt or an attack by another inmate, and considering he was a very high profile prisoner with lots to lose and lots to confess, there’s absolutely no excuse for him not being monitored constantly. There’s no excuse for him being allowed to commit “suicide” or be killed.
      And yet, he’s supposedly dead.

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