What if a Leftist Started Bashing President Trump in Front of California Jews? Watch…

Democrats really need to understand that we’re ALL tired of their lame, boring, lies. We’re through with being called “racist,” and the other fourteen words they learned in their “underwater lesbian inter-sectionalism basket weaving” class.

We don’t care what they think.

Never did.

Leftie actor Jason Blum learned this first hand as he took the stage at a Jewish film festival and proceeded to bash our President.

It’s a great illustration of the left’s inherent biases. Leftists expect ALL Blacks, Jews, women, etc. to think and behave exactly as the Democrats dictate, and are shocked when they have that expectation shattered…

Jews, especially Israeli Jews, LOVE President Trump. Obama treated our ally like crap, and intentionally disrespected the tiny nation and it’s leaders.

There’s a new Sheriff in town now, and Israeli’s are rejoicing…

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