Great News! 140,000,000 American Gun Owners Are Completely 100% Innocent of Mass Shootings…

Here we go again.

Some left-wing incels commit murder, and somehow it’s our fault.

Somehow it’s “White supremacy,” or the President’s fault, or maybe it’s the gun’s fault.

It’s evil folks.

That’s the cause of every one of these mass murder events that has occurred. The Dayton shooter openly embraced it (and Democrats), and it got out before they could scrub it from the web.

If you truly think the El Paso scum was a “right winger,” take a look at his “manifesto” and his weirdo, crystal worshiping father. He’s an environmental wacko who wants universal healthcare, and his dad’s some sort of whacked out mind control freak with ties to a Brazilian rapist.

Yep, shelf full of idols and crystals… Dad sure looks like a radical right-winger!

No way either of these wimps was right wing, conservative, Trump supporters, or American.

No… they’re Democrat material.

I’ve never understood the theory behind the left’s assaults on our freedom. Is making me believe the streets are full of Muslim-Democrat madmen and women shooting Americans at random supposed to make me want to be unarmed???

No, idiots! It makes it a necessity for me and every other normal person to carry constantly, train, and upgrade the family arsenal.

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