Meet One of the “White Supremacist” Trump Supporters…

Don’t give up folks.

The media wants to paint Americans as “racist” in order to shame us into voting away our freedom by voting for Democrats.

Ignore them.

I know that we’re NOT “racist,” nor is our President.

You know it.

Leftists like to throw out words, change the meaning of words, and label people. It’s all about controlling you. And it’s perpetuated by people who should never be in control of anything more complex than a fry basket at Burger King.

Listen to this 17-year-old young man and you will realize he makes more sense than all the Democrats combined…

(Watch full-screen for best viewing)

4 thoughts on “Meet One of the “White Supremacist” Trump Supporters…

    1. Wow, that’s a problem sir!
      On one hand, you’re Black… so you can’t be a racist…
      But you’re a Trump supporter… so you MUST be a racist!
      It’s difficult to label you, and it’s hard to force you into the left’s simplistic templates. I suppose they’ll ignore you and “marginalize” you if possible. If they have to deal with you, Democrats will fall back on their usual… Racial slurs and calling you “uncle Tom.”
      I never understood their use of “uncle Tom” as an insult. I believe Tom was beat to death by other slaves because he wouldn’t reveal the location of a runaway slave girl. He was a good, Christian man. Maybe that’s why the Democrats hate him, and use him as an insult?
      Anyway… Thanks for commenting, GOD bless you and yours, stay strong and vote!

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