A Look Inside the Democrat Party…

4 thoughts on “A Look Inside the Democrat Party…

  1. There is no such thing as a “New look in the Democrat party.” They have been complete losers since Vietnam. The Images I’ve see of the soon to be ousted one, with her nothing would surprise me. Thanks,J.C.

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  2. These people are breeding a certain kind of stupidity that is recognizeable all around the world. Same looks, same dogmatisms, same weird logic.
    I’ve got a name for them:
    “Agents of decay”.
    Wherever they constitute more than around ten percent of a populace, all real progress comes to a grinding halt and society starts to fall apart pretty fast.

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    1. GOD help them, if possible… If not, GOD purge them from our midst.
      They’re lost, confused, ignorant, hate-filled, frustrated failures who spend their waking hours screwing up their lives and anyone else’s they can exert influence over… and blaming their failures on someone else.
      You’re spot on in your analysis. they are a cancer. They’re an ugly stain on the underwear of mankind.

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