An Australian Explains “Global Warming” So Even a Liberal Could Understand…

Let’s be clear…

I never gave a crap about “global warming.” I knew it was a hoax from the beginning, and anyone who believes in it has been automatically written off as ignorant as soon as they made known that they supported the liberal plot.

GOD created the dinosaurs, killed them off, and turned them into oil with the express intent that we would suck them out of the ground, refine them, and blast them out the back of our dual exhausts.

Who are we to defy the will of GOD?

A real man leaves a big carbon footprint… And two long black marks at stop signs. When I stomp the go-pedal in my 395 horsepower V-8 truck I want to hear T-Rex roar!

The AGW hoax was nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by leftists to restrict movement, property, and freedom. They also admitted it was designed to “re-distribute wealth.” Your “wealth.” The “wealth” accumulated by your hard working, industrious ancestors, while others lay about in the shade doing nothing.

This Aussie explains how little impact we have on Earth’s environment and he does it with a cool accent… Watch:

Thanks, Mr. Roberts. Now let some Americans chime in. Here’s exactly how much we care about “global warming.”

One more, just to make it clear…

2 thoughts on “An Australian Explains “Global Warming” So Even a Liberal Could Understand…

  1. Global Warming and Chem Trails are just another hoax to make money. Is the surface of the earth warming? yes a little . But this has been explained as a shift of the Thermal plate below the earth that has brought it a little closer to the surface. And I have been around since the first jet airplane was invented. There have always been vapor trails caoused by hot exhaust hitting the cold atmosphere. The same affect you get when you start a car on a cold morning and the emersion from the exhaust pipe

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