Tears of a Clown…

In another effort to shame us into allowing millions of illegal alien criminals to run amok in our nation, Democrat dimwit AOC staged a fake photo op…

3 thoughts on “Tears of a Clown…

  1. Excellent coverage, I’m so sick of her and I’ve been in kind of a writing slump per the article I just sent you I ignored her. Great job. Keep rocking, J.C.

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    1. Thanks so much.
      I’m sick of her as well. I only post about 3% of the stupid, treasonous stuff she does and says in hopes some others will see her gross incompetence and deep hatred for freedom and be motivated to vote against her and the party that spawned her.

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  2. On the other side of the pond, we’ve got one just like her. Lily Allen.
    She went to the ‘poor hard done by’ illegal immigrant camps in Calais, France.
    Cried a lot on camera, then the silly tart “apologised” for what the cruel English were doing by denying them access.
    Which unleashed a public storm in her general direction.

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