Portland Democrat Terrorists Attack Americans…

Whipped into a frenzy by the thought of normal Americans debating in their city, the Democrats sent their terrorist shock troops to attack. With cement filled cups, crowbars, assault gloves, and pepper spray these leftist warriors hit the streets to do violence.

Violence to journalists, the elderly, and any other person who might be perceived as opposed to the Democrat platform of hate for our nation, hate for our Constitution, hate for GOD and Israel, hate for freedom, and their extra special hatred for babies.

Such a sweet, tolerant bunch…

Wake Up, America…


5 thoughts on “Portland Democrat Terrorists Attack Americans…

  1. Probably what will happen next is “special measures” will be brought in for ‘public safety’ reasons.
    Which may even end up with a ban on all protest.
    Which is exactly what Portland officials, Antifa, and the other morons wanted.
    For the free to be silenced.

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