Watch: Antifa Meets an American…

This guy is just talking to these idiots, when they start “feelin’ froggy.” Just talking, not insulting… I saw the original, uncut video. Antifa became frustrated because he wasn’t intimidated and decided to act. Bad move… (I especially like the hook on the one that hit him with a stick.)

5 thoughts on “Watch: Antifa Meets an American…

  1. Awesome, 20 years ago I’d physically be blacking up the guy in the hat that those poontangs were ganging up on. I err on the side of righteousness. Always have, always well, until they pry a copy of the Constitution and an American Flag out of my cold, dead fingers. I do know back in my heyday, if those millennial, lefty fucks backed me into a corner it would have been assholes and elbows😡😡😡

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      1. Why thank you for the compliment, but my blood runs red, white and blue and if it came to that to protect my and other likewise minded people’s generations, I’d gladly be the owner of the cold dead fingers.

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