Democrat Ghouls…

Watch as some lefties prance about disrupting a pro-life display. Democrats just can’t seem to grasp the idea that humans disagree with their antiquated and perverse ideas, nor do they possess self control or self awareness. Liberals also have a big problem with freedom of speech, and freedom in general.

Vote them out of existence.


They have nothing to contribute at the big adult table of ideas. They’re not adults, and they have no ideas. Thy certainly cannot sit at the kiddie table either, as they’ll only try and molest the kids, or brainwash them into their hate-filled madness.

6 thoughts on “Democrat Ghouls…

  1. One would think that they would be ashamed to walk through all those little crosses. They are living in shadow, thinking with their emotions – ie: not thinking. Is this what happens to a mind under the tenets of Socialism which eliminates God from the human mind, heart and soul … and which type of government they are trying to foist on all of us with their propaganda from their leaders? Think Hillary Clinton and her ‘charism’

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