A True Brit Lays Down the Truth…

As everyone knows, I don’t like to stick my nose into another nation’s business. I resent it when I read some foreigner’s ignorant comments on my home, the U.S.A. I mean really, what the hell do they know of freedom and liberty?

But Britain has long been a strong ally and a friend of the U.S., and I see… EVERYONE sees… it spiraling down the drain, being sucked into non-existence by the EU and the dark overlords who control it. I’ll let this gentleman say it for me and only add that British citizens should listen real close

6 thoughts on “A True Brit Lays Down the Truth…

  1. Amen!
    I can clearly see the effects that brexit-circus instigated by those crooks in the British parliament already has on my people in my country.
    Their reasoning when it comes to any notion that we should leave that European prison the sooner the better is met by replies that are something like: “Just look how difficult it is leaving the EU and all the negative effects it may cause!”
    They rather remain in custody because the freedom out there scares them too much…

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    1. We all know it’s really, really simple; Just LEAVE! Britain (and your nation) are sovereign nations and can do as they see fit without the approval of the EU.
      The politicians who surrendered that sovereignty to the EU dweebs should be dragged through the streets and imprisoned for life. They are traitors!

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  2. Didn’t need his speech despite it being soooo right.
    We voted independent while others spoiled their vote which was playing right into the hands of the people we want ousted out of power.

    So why did they do that? Someone on social media suggested it!
    We just call them sheeple.
    The passive, dumber than dirt, majority who are easily manipulated by government and the media.

    Meanwhile Crime is rising, religious extremism the same.
    Both parties the only people carrying and using guns and knives seemingly with immunity from prosecution.

    Our armed forces couldn’t fill a football stadium and our police, if lined up in the car park, couldn’t fill half that area.

    Yet here we sit, those with both eyes open, looking at the sheeple and our newest of outcast professions (politicians) thinking

    “Please God, just one little EMP and they’ll all die off when their TV’s won’t work”.
    That or an arms drop.

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