Fact Checking Planned Parenthood…

Watch these full-screen for best viewing…

Georgia passed a fetal heartbeat law. This young lady is very upset that she might not get to kill her babies…

4 thoughts on “Fact Checking Planned Parenthood…

  1. Wow… that woman! So upset that, if “I have a child in me” and doesn’t want it, she can’t get an abortion.

    She just blew away a number of pro-abortion arguments commonly made; that the fetus is not a child, or even a human being, but rather a “potential” human being. Or that the fetus is just “part of a woman’s body”, not an individual child. This woman knows the heartbeat can be detected at a time before many women even know they are pregnant. But she still thinks she should be able to kill what she acknowledges is an individual human life: a child.

    Also, the comment about people passing this law not having a uterus or ovaries. This is 1) sexist, because she’s assuming all the people involved are men (they may be, but unless she knows for sure, the assumption is sexist) and 2) she’s being all transphobic. Doesn’t she know you don’t need a vagina or a uterus to be a woman? Who is she to assume people’s gender like that? /sarcasm

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    1. Very nice!
      You used their own arguments against them.
      How dare she assume the gender of the Georgia legislature! If she was “woke” she would know that every “man,” whatever that means, could have identified as a woman that day.
      And it’s odd that a “clump of cells” could have it’s own heartbeat. You almost would think a heartbeat indicates an individual life.

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