Evil Monster Throws Five-Year-Old Child Off of Third Floor Balcony…

I’m not going to go too far into the racial component of this, but just imagine if the races were reversed.

There would have been wall to wall coverage blaming Trump supporters and slamming White people.

Cities would burn.

I don’t know what evil dwells in the heart of Mr. Aranda. Perhaps he’s a racist…

Perhaps he’s a Muslim…

Perhaps he’s a Democrat…

Or perhaps he’s another flavor of sickness and evil. I do know that he’s evil, a mad dog who needs to be eliminated.

Police say Landen was tossed from the balcony on Friday by 24-year-old Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, who is from the Minneapolis metro area.

Aranda was charged with attempted homicide and is currently being held at the Bloomington Police Department.

Police were called to the Mall of America in Bloomington Friday after a man threw 5-year-old Landen Hoffman from the balcony.

Landen Hoffman, 5

Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda was chased down inside the mall and was taken into custody.

Aranda, POS

Witnesses say a woman at the mall was screaming hysterically after the child was thrown.

‘She was screaming “Everyone pray, everyone pray. Oh my God, my baby, someone threw him over the edge.”

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8 thoughts on “Evil Monster Throws Five-Year-Old Child Off of Third Floor Balcony…

  1. The MOA. Don’t go there, only slightly over 30 miles away. But we avoid it. What happened there has everyone in an uproar…Most folks think that SOB should have his ass tossed off the parking ramps seventh floor….I know well the results of that as I ran a few calls working as a medic for a service that covers the MOA…

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      1. It’s been pretty much the same since it opened. At one point, the amusement park was called Camp Snoopy..Most of us whom worked for the ambulance service that covered it, called it Camp Shoot Me because of all the gang activity there. At one point no one under 16? or 18? was allowed in without ‘adult’ supervision.

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    1. It’s too horrific to be real, but it is.
      The young man is in critical condition, but still alive. I wish dad had gotten hold of him, and the police had turned away to allow them some quality alone time.
      Several years ago a man in Nashville saw the woman next door crying on her front steps. When he went to see what was wrong he discovered she had baked her baby in the oven. I don’t know how he restrained himself from snapping her neck.
      I was going to post the link, but when I searched it I got back several results of women who had done the same.
      Sometimes, people are simply evil.

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  2. Here in the UK race is behind most evil but it is not P.C.to point that out.
    That and you can get attacked by the state for mentioning it.
    That’s because it’s too hot a political issue to deal with.
    Race and politics. Both as bad as each other.
    One does the deed as the other covers it up.

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