Democrats and Their Voters: Stupid X Stupid X Stupid= Stupidity Cubed…

13 thoughts on “Democrats and Their Voters: Stupid X Stupid X Stupid= Stupidity Cubed…

    1. I hope so!
      Every day, I pray for the exposure and destruction of the left.
      When I post here, I work towards that worthy, noble, and righteous goal.
      Anytime I have the opportunity to, I educate people and try to motivate them to vote against Democrats, and to pass it on to others.
      It’s our duty, our obligation, to GOD, country, and household!

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  1. Thank today’s Public Education for that….Indoctrination is all they get ….And that’s just grade school through high school! Throw in 4 years at some pointless liberal university, which teaches them nothing worthwhile, leave them with no marketable skills and you have what we are seeing today….

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    1. Aww, thanks!
      I started a new job, so I’ve been neglecting my duties here and I’m trying to get caught up today.
      As for AOC, I normally don’t comment about other Americans decisions as I don’t care for them judging mine, but…
      What the hell was the people who voted for her thinking?
      Shame on them for foisting this brain-deprived bartender skank on our nation. The same with the two hateful Muslim chicks as well.

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  2. I have never considered, lefties from the Bronx to be big time thinkers, just knee jerk reactors. I believe they will vote her out because she hasn’t done anything and spends to much time in Washington playing the star and going on talk show. She is burnt toast.

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