Conservatives Are Winning the “Meme Wars”…

There’s two main reasons Americans are slaying it in the biting, snarky meme arena:

  1. Democrat-liberal-progressives are a dull, unimaginative lot

  2. The evil, stupid sickos on the left give us so much material to work with

Every second of every day, a Democrat says something stupid, outrageous, and treasonous. The left constantly cranks out so much idiocy that it’s really hard for normal people to keep up. Now they’re starting to comprehend their innate intellectual inadequacy, so they’ve resorted to their default… attempting to ban memes that mock their low wattage ideas and statements, and hide videos that expose their actual words. If Americans (and I suspect other people in other nations as well) get a whiff of the stench that is leftism in any of its manifestations, they are through!

2 thoughts on “Conservatives Are Winning the “Meme Wars”…

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