Good Girl With a Gun…

Surveillance footage from a dark, empty street in Sao Paulo, Brazil, shows a suspect pulling over his vehicle, getting out and aggressively approaching a woman. The woman, who turned out to be an off-duty police officer, then pulls out her gun and fires at the man, who died at the scene…

Update: YouTube took down the video… perhaps the imagery of a woman being able to defend herself was just too much for them?

Don’t know or care. This video is from the Daily Mail.

Special thanks to “Child of God,” who let me know the video was down.

12 thoughts on “Good Girl With a Gun…

  1. Good Girl, got my vote.
    Yet the video showing her draw and discharge was way too close for comfort.
    All in all I think she was lucky to get away with it..

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    1. I’d say she was fighting a huge adrenaline dump, and cycling through the “OODA loop” real fast. He had the advantage of knowing what he was up to; she had to catch up quickly and realize that yes, it was really happening.
      When I carry in a “belly-band,” which is rare, I often wonder what it would look like if I had to draw. With all the rush-adrenaline-etc., I’m guessing I would be frantically digging-pulling-ripping to get to my weapon. I only carry that way when I just can’t get away with OWB for whatever reason.

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      1. I used to teach street awareness.
        During transit I had a few rules to survive by but the most basic one was:-

        Obey the anti vampire and predator rule.

        Never go out alone on foot:-
        After dark into unlit areas or,
        Into areas you cannot clearly see all around you, day or night.

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