“Mueller Report” is Out: Trump Vindicated…

After wasting millions to keep the left pumped up with the hope of overturning the votes of Americans, Mueller has finally turned in his weak, lame “report.”

Here are the key highlights:


See, it was thorough… and it also cost us millions of dollars that would have been better spent on our border wall. But what about the Trump team “colluding” with Russia?


OK, but are they sure Trump didn’t “collude?” And, what about his “obstruction of justice?”


And that’s what had the “objective mainstream media” crying and yelling. They knew this entire “investigation” was a sham, and now it’s over… and their hopes of destroying our republic through fake news and deep state machinations are dashed! Read the entire summary HERE

Now, it’s time to really start the swamp drainin’!!!


Thank GOD!

This is a great day for the U.S.A., and…


7 thoughts on ““Mueller Report” is Out: Trump Vindicated…

  1. Yeah Trump! His election has been a miracle. Without it we could be Venezuela. After all, with all the wrecking balls of dirt they have heaved at the head of the President of the United State …. with all the broadsides of twisted stories, lies, and accusations … he still stands tall and mighty beside the Democrats biggest offer to their blind followers: ‘We will kill your children. If they happen to survive our Doctors methods we will kill them after birth. My God! My God! Doesn’t anybody see who’s good and who’s bad in this upcoming slate of offered candidates? Trump walks with giant steps and he will save America! Oremus! Think. Let it go into your brains, Democratic people of America! They’re KILLING CHILDREN and you’re voting for them.

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  2. Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:
    The Democrats made a mess of America with the noise of Russia collusion – great shame on America I thought. The sending away of Russian diplomatic staff, etc to give the impression of actual collusion. Oh no. What a waste of resources. What a raise of the national Adrenalin.

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    1. Thanks for the re-blog.
      I suspect it was more of a cover up of Democrat crimes, rather than an investigation of the President. During the “investigation” any moves he made to expose the left’s corruption would have been portrayed as “obstruction,” so they tied his hands for a while.

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