Public School Indoctrination: A View From the Inside…

An Inside Look at What a Real School is Teaching Kids

By Victoria Blunt

I am a student at an online public school, but I still have to learn the same material that would be taught in a brick and mortar public school. ELA still pretty much the same, we read a book and review things like metaphors.

Science is interesting.

Math is objective.

But this year, we are learning about American history, and it has been changed to support the narrow-minded views of the left.

We started with settling America and the colonies. We learned about the harsh Christian Puritans forcing their beliefs on others, but the Quakers got a less criticizing lesson. We got through the Revolutionary War without too many biased lies, but when we got to the 1800s, things moved over to the left.

We learned about how horrible Andrew Jackson hated Natives and viciously attacked them. This emboldened whites to take land and enact the Trail of Tears. See for yourself.

Andrew Jackson’s Indian policies

Before becoming president, Andrew Jackson had distinguished himself as a champion of white settlers against the American Indians. In the War of 1812, Jackson had led an offensive against the Creek nation in an attempt to clear the Mississippi Territory for white settlement, and under President James Monroe, he had participated in the First Seminole War, which devastated the Seminole tribe of Florida.

 By the time Jackson entered the White House, white settlers in Georgia had been complaining for some time about the continued presence of Cherokee and Creek people on the lands they wished to inhabit. These white settlers were emboldened by the election of Jackson in 1828 and revoked the constitution of the Cherokee nation in Georgia, declaring that the Indians were subject to the laws of the state of Georgia. In 1830, the Cherokee nation took the state of Georgia to the Supreme Court, arguing that it was an independent nation and as such, was not subject to the authority of the state of Georgia. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall agreed that the Cherokee nation was a distinct society but not that it was a foreign nation.

This article came from a website called Khan Academy. Our school uses information from this site repeatedly, mostly for math. Their math lessons are thankfully not this left. Here’s the link to the full article.

Now first of all, Andrew Jackson only attacked a group of Natives who had destroyed several settlements. Along the way, he made friends with peaceful Natives, some of which actually fought with him.

But it doesn’t stop there.

When we talked about Manifest Destiny, we learned about how nationalism led Americans to take land from Natives and Mexicans, how white Americans thought they were superior, and how missionaries tried to civilize Natives by forcing Christianity on them.


This is a paragraph from an article we read for an assignment.

The religious fervor spawned by the Second Great Awakening created another incentive for the drive west. Indeed, many settlers believed that God himself blessed the growth of the American nation. The Native Americans were considered heathens. By Christianizing the tribes, American missionaries believed they could save souls and they became among the first to cross the Mississippi River. Economic motives were paramount for others. The fur trade had been dominated by European trading companies since colonial times. German immigrant John Jacob Astor was one of the first American entrepreneurs to challenge the Europeans. He became a millionaire in the process. The desire for more land brought aspiring homesteaders to the frontier. When gold was discovered in California in 1848, the number of migrants increased even more. At the heart of manifest destiny was the pervasive belief in American cultural and racial superiority. Native Americans had long been perceived as inferior, and efforts to “civilize” them had been widespread since the days of John Smith and Miles Standish. The Hispanics who ruled Texas and the lucrative ports of California were also seen as “backward.”

So, they’re saying all patriotism and Christianity is racist. Here’s another paragraph from another article.

More broadly stated, Manifest Destiny was a conviction that God intended North America to be under the control of Americans. It’s a kind of early projection of Anglo-Saxon supremacy and there’s a racist element to it.

This article was called “An Ideal or a Justification?”, and it came from a history assignment. The assignment came from this website:

So, this is what students are learning.

That all patriots are racist and Americans are selfish land takers.

What distresses me most is that these lessons are actually sticking in students heads. In an online meeting, a student committed this:


I blurred the name for privacy reasons.

This will be the next generation of voters. This is all the “facts” they will base their votes on. And this comment is an example of what some of our future voters will believe.

This is from an online school, where parents can oversee what their kids are learning. Can you imagine what brick and mortar schools are like?

Parents, if you care for your country, please talk to your kids about what actually happened in American history, so they can avoid these lies. Voters, vote for people who will stop the teaching of false history in schools.

This has to stop, and it has to stop now.

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