NYC: Racist “Transgender” Attacks Seven People Who All Share the Same Skin Color…

Mr. Heard was simply reacting to the Democrat platform of “hate America,” “hate normal people,” and racial division…

The left has foisted their sick ideas on us to the point that I have to really dig through stories to find out if the latest perp is a man or a woman.

I’ve tried to help the reader sort through the madness and get to the truth…

A transgender woman (or a DUDE as they’re known in reality) has been arrested in connection to the random attacks of at least seven people who were sprayed with a chemical substance on Friday in New York in what is being investigated as a hate crime.

Thomas J. Heard, 37, was arrested after allegedly threatening someone with a sharp object in the Bronx, and the victim worked with police to track her (him) down. Authorities believe that Heard also was responsible for dousing a man with a pepper spray-like substance at the 125th St. subway station of the A/C/B/D lines on Friday, then running out into the street and spraying five more people.

Soon after, she (he) allegedly attacked another woman waiting for the No. 1 train at W. 96th St. and Broadway. Then, around 2 p.m., a woman (man) appearing to be Heard can be seen on a surveillance video violently kicking a stranger, Denise Galloway, in the leg before spraying her and her boyfriend.

Mr. Heard ain’t no lady…

“All of the sudden, I hear this woman (man) yell at me from behind, ‘I hate you, you expletive expletive!’,” Galloway told ABC 7. “I saw her (him) pull something out of her (his) pocket. I didn’t know if it was a gun, I didn’t know if it was a knife — I didn’t know what she (he) had.” She (he) sprayed Galloway’s boyfriend, Joe Barbuto, in the eye. Heard then appears to chase Barbuto down the street and spray him again.

“She (He) says ‘I’m gonna pepper spray you’ and she (he) came around and she (he) actually got me across my face,” Barbuto said.

Police say the believe that Heard’s actions were racially motivated, because all of her (his) victims were white.

When police arrested her (him), they recovered pepper spray and a pair of scissors. She (He) has reportedly been charged with assault as a hate crime, menacing as a hate crime, harassment as a hate crime and assault with criminal possession of a weapon.

Via: FOX

6 thoughts on “NYC: Racist “Transgender” Attacks Seven People Who All Share the Same Skin Color…

  1. A funny for you.
    I had to search one of those once. S-he protesting wildly that it was a woman.
    300 lbs, beard, makeup applied with a trowel, and a nose ring, same size as used on a bull.
    The girls on the shift refused to touch the s-he.
    So I gave it a choice, me to search or you go home and non fly.
    S-he reluctantly let me. YEUK! and a couple of minor upchucks from the perfume.

    I was going to be quick but after the 5th drug wrap the police arrived and told me to carry on. 7 drug wraps, a needle (thank gawd I had my stab gloves on), they handcuffed the s-he and led the s-he away protesting like mad that I had not once called s-he by name.

    To me Madonna just didn’t seem right.

    For some reason I just couldn’t wash enough at the end of the shift.
    The boss bringing my tea to me in the hours worth of shower I took on the firms time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ewww!
      I don’t call them out when I encounter them, but I do take my business elsewhere.
      While they’re normally not a threat to me, I’m trying to re-calibrate my radar to recognize that they’re a HUGE threat to women and children.
      You’ve got someone who is suffering from mental illness and instead of being treated, they’re being coddled and told it’s OK and normal. It concerns me what can occur when reality hits them, and they realize that they’ll never be what they imagine themselves to be. There’s already been cases of TGs attacking children, and one murdered women out of jealousy because they could have children…
      you know, ’cause they were actually female, and he never could.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. God made man and woman.
        Or evolution did, whatever is your favored belief.

        Apart from some lower form species that come as both, where’s the reference to LGBT whatever and the ”what shall I be today?”

        They are a danger to all including themselves.

        Methinks the modern world has become corrupted. Maybe it’s time to press RESET. aka “BOOM!”

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, in Dem-Prog-Lib fantasy world…
      I guess you could.
      I mean, you can be whatever you wish, right?
      And the law should force the rest of us to accept it, right?
      I may identify as a wealthy rock star… so my bank will have to put $$$ in my account, and everyone must adore me.
      The left confuses “kink” with gender/ sex.
      Mr. Heard can “feel” like a woman, wish to be a woman, and even have sex as a woman… to some extent…
      but he will NEVER, EVER be a woman.
      Even if laws are passed that say he is, and that everyone must accept it and celebrate it…
      Even if he has mutilation surgery and hormone therapy…
      He will never be a chick!

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