Watch: “Tolerant” Democrats Can’t Seem to Tolerate Americans…

The only time Democrats have a problem with this type of behavior is when Americans are told to fight back. The only thing the left considers violence is… Self-defense!

Found @: WeaselZippers

6 thoughts on “Watch: “Tolerant” Democrats Can’t Seem to Tolerate Americans…

    1. Well, we should.
      Their goal is to make Americans afraid to show support for our President, so that every American feels isolated… like they’re “the only one” that supports him, and the vast majority of the public hates him.
      In reality, the opposite is true. There’s more that are with us, than with them…
      Much more!
      We don’t advertise it, because we try and avoid trouble and don’t want someone to damage our property, but truthfully that’s exactly the left’s goal; to keep us “in the closet.”
      I will say this… my wife and daughter can wear anything they please, and nobody had better say a damn thing about it! I’ll take a small amount of abuse personally, but my household is strictly off limits.

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  1. I would love to have some clowns try to take my MAGA hat from me. I’ve studied Krav Maga for 5 years and I would make it the worse day of their lives. Go for the eyes and throat. That simple. J.C.

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  2. In any country full of ‘diversity’, hate from that or any minority is SOP.
    Such SOP is defined as being “Political correctness (masquerading as multi cultural, multi faith, freedom of speech, and religiously tolerant).

    As an example I cite the UK.

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