Watch: THIS is What the Democrat Socialist Plan Leads To…

Democrats steadily march towards Socialism-Communism, all the while defending ridiculous ideologies that have failed miserably, repeatedly, and at the cost of millions of lives… every time they’ve been tried!

Democrats constantly try and put a fresh coat of paint on the stinking relics of their favorite forms of oppressive government, and swear that the only reason the promised utopias of Commie-Socialist experiments NEVER came to pass was because they were never done correctly before, even by those who came up with the idea.

But we can all trust the geniuses on the modern left to do things right!

Come on!

For only $600,000.00 per household, we could all give up having households, property, automobiles, “breakfast hamburgers,” etc. and live in a perfect world where we all ride together on public transportation, unarmed next to the smelly sociopaths in the next seat!

While the thought of being a unarmed slave, riding on a nasty bus, living in a cubicle, and lining up for our soup ladled out by Bernie and AOC might seem mighty appealing to a college student, I think I’ll have to pass.

The left IS NOT “progressive,” but regressive.

Their entire party seems to desire to regress to something that resembles a combination of Nazi Germany, Venezuela, the Flintstones, and Soylent Green.

This is what Socialism is really like.

Watch as human beings in Venezuela line up at the food lines, which Bernie Sanders thinks is a “good thing“…

Video of Democrat utopia Via: IOTWReport

Leftists are so married to the failed Socialist model that even when they hear the truth from someone who has survived it, they rush to defend “Democrat Socialism,” as if it’s some new, better form of Socialism, rather than the same old crappy plan that has caused so much death and misery.

Watch as the left’s favorite fake news network corrects someone who actually lived in Venezuela at the end of this interview…

So, after hearing the truth CNN wants to make it clear that Bernie Sanders and AOC aren’t for that kind of Socialism!

No, the Democrat party is for some different kind of Socialism.

Something new, fresh, and exciting that will actually work!

Obviously, we can trust the party who forced us into disastrous Obamacare, the party of slavery and the KKK, the party of infanticide, the party of brilliant globalist elitists to do Socialism right!

Let me be clear: Even suggesting a shift to Socialism is TREASON!

Any support or debate about it should be enough in itself to bar those involved from office and from voting.

I’ll keep my truck, my home, my GOD, my guns, my breakfast hamburgers, and my FREEDOM, and the left can stuff their failed, antiquated, and evil plans where the sun don’t shine…