Don’t Believe Democrats Hate America? See for Yourself…

Boy, the filthy leftists sure do hate America, freedom, and you.

First up, watch as a veteran’s wife attempts to say the Pledge of Allegiance…

in Commie-fornia…

Next, this Democrat idiot shares what he thinks of our flag…

This scuzzy idiot is Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers, who obviously needs a few lessons on respect, history, and an introduction to reality. And…great job, Nebraska voters! This man is so dumb, he once sued GOD!

And, last for today is this racist tweet.


It’s just the last for now; if we chronicled every outrageously stupid hateful thing Democrats spewed from their vile mouths, it would take our entire site.

Share all this, before YouTube and Google start taking it down and hiding it… And never forget…


2 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Democrats Hate America? See for Yourself…

  1. Such a divide can’t be bridged anymore nor will there ever be the will to do so.
    No quarter asked – non given.
    That’s what it will come down to at least over here in Europe.

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  2. If I wasn’t sure about my stance on the Demorats before, I am now.
    NOBODY has the right to disrespect those who fell in the service of their country.
    Purge the filth!

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