Florida: Man Arrested for Dressing Like a Dog and Filming Himself Raping a Dog…

What got a Florida man arrested Monday afternoon wasn’t being dressed as a Siberian Husky dog on video.

What got Oldsmar resident Christian Nichols arrested, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says, is having sex with a Siberian Husky on video. PCSO says Nichols hit the dog when the animal tried to get away.

Nichols, 21, remains in Pinellas County jail on one felony count of aggravated animal cruelty and seven misdemeanor counts of committing a prohibited act with obscene material. His bond is $10,000.

The dog, named Ember, has been removed from his home, as has another dog.

PCSO says it learned of the dog rape when someone outside Florida saw video and photographs online of a man having sex with a dog. That person got hold of Pinellas County Animal Service on Jan. 25 and Pinellas County Animal Services got hold of the sheriff’s office. PCSO says it got hold of the pictures and video.

“The video depicts images of a man dressed in a black-and-white Husky dog costume,” PCSO said. “The costumed man is seen in the video using his penis and multiple penis-shaped sex toys to have inappropriate sexual contact with a Siberian Husky dog.

“Detectives say the dog in the video was clearly in distress. At one point during the video, the dog tries to run away and the man responds by striking the dog with a sex toy.”

Investigators tracked the video to Nichols. They said he admitted making the video.

Via: MiamiHerald

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