BREAKING: 17 Shot, Five Dead After Gary Martin Goes on a Shooting Spree at the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, Illinois…

Another slaughter at a “gun-free” zone, in a Democrat controlled state that restricts people’s rights to defend themselves…

Six people have been confirmed dead following a shooting at a manufacturing warehouse in Aurora, Illinois, on Friday.

The shooter was identified as 45-year-old Gary Martin, Chief of Police Kristen Ziman said at a news conference. Law enforcement sources had earlier confirmed that he was among the fatalities. None of the other victims have been identified.


The gunman’s sister Tameka Martin told WBEZ that he had worked at Henry Pratt for about 20 years before losing his job about two weeks ago. The gunman’s mother told WGN: ‘My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.’

According to witnesses, Martin walked down an aisle of the warehouse around 1.40pm local time, shooting ‘everybody’ with a pistol which has a laser scope attached to it. Another witness said the handgun had a green laser attached to it.

The suspect was said to be an employee of Henry Pratt, a water valve manufacturing company, who arrived for work at 7am like he would on other day, according to workers who survived and have since spoken to local news networks.

Kane County coroner’s office spokesman Chris Nelson confirmed that at least one person was killed in the attack but did not provide any additional details.

City spokesman Clayton Muhammad earlier told ABC7 that the four officers wounded in the shooting are in stable condition.

One witness who spoke to ABC said: ‘I saw a guy running down the aisle, with a pistol, I recognized him as a co-worker and he was shooting everybody.’

“I saw the guy running down the aisle with a pistol with a laser on it.”

But he did tell the ABC anchors that the building was a gun free zone.

“Did you ever see him with guns at work?” the anchors asked about the shooter.

“No. We are not even supposed to have any guns at work.” He said.

The four police officers who were shot are all in a stable condition and are expected to survive. There is no word yet on the condition of any of the civilians who were hurt.

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