Two Children in North Carolina Show the NFL and Democrats How It’s Done…

The vast majority of Americans do NOT side with the hateful, treasonous left. The stories and views of real Americans just aren’t shared by the so-called “media” as the left attempts to portray their own failed ideas as popular.

They’re not.

We’re still here, and still standing…

Two, unidentified kids in North Carolina have humbled and touched people across the nation. Their act was captured on film by the Roseboro Fire Department, and viewers are stunned.

The photo posted on Facebook shows the pair pausing in the street to honor the raising of the American flag. With hands over hearts, the children recited the Pledge of Allegiance, stunning Bobby Herring who had been raising the flag to full staff.

The photo has been shared 2,300 times and inspired more than 3,000 comments and since being posted Friday. The town of Roseboro has about 1,200 people and is located 65 miles south of Raleigh.

“This afternoon as Chaplain (Bobby) Herring was raising the U.S. flag to full staff, he looked over to the intersection and saw these two young people standing there with hands on their heart, saying the Pledge of Allegiance,” said a post from the Roseboro Fire Department.

“God bless our community,” the post added.

Fire Chief Lee Coleman told WRAL the kids are cousins, but did not get their names, and he has asked for help in identifying them.

Reaction to the photo has been swift and positive during a time when most social media posters are quick to attack.

From pride to expressions of hope, the children have demonstrated something that is rare in the 21st Century… respect and parents who’ve obviously raised them to honor the country that represents freedom and liberty from oppression.

“That pic gives me goosebumps and tears!!” posted Alisa Parker Hayes on the fire department’s Facebook page.

“Adults could learn a lot from these wonderful kids!” wrote Genetta Bradshaw Goodman.

“Their response was taught, and taught well,” posted Frank Marleen Powell. “Please congratulate these young men for the respect they showed our great flag and our great nation. They are setting the example for others to follow.”

“The fact that they stood there showing respect without being prompted to do so says a lot about how they are being raised,” wrote Mandy Taylor on Facebook.

“Seeing this gives me hope,” posted Betty Warren.

Many people agree.

They realize that not everyone, although the mainstream media often tries to portray it, has been completely indoctrinated into the false belief that America is evil and the flag represents oppression.

These young people have demonstrated that there are more people out there who love the country, than those who hate it.

Via: CDP

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