Listen to Some Real Experts on Socialism…

14 thoughts on “Listen to Some Real Experts on Socialism…

  1. At 1:41, “People talk about the Nazis, but nobody talks about the socialists and communists.”

    What is not understood is that the Nazis were socialists — National Socialist Worker’s Party. The communists are socialists. Liberalism is the third leg of socialism. The only difference is that it is legislated and not dictated by a tyrant like Hitler or Stalin. Whether legislated or dictated it is just as destructive.

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      1. It’s all socialism. Communism is the most dictatorial form of socialism. It reflects the ignorance of the Left when they call Republicans “fascist”. Liberalism is the stepping stone to fascism, or worse.

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    1. The only reason the nazis used the term “Socialist” is they thought that they could draw in German socialists into there party. The nazis were fascists, the radical right. That’s why socialists (far left) hold nazis (far right) as their top enemies.


      1. I will, of course, disagree!
        Everyone wants to paint the Fascist as “far right,” but the right does not support government involvement in every little detail of people’s life. Nor do they believe in government ownership of the means of production.
        Conservatives, or the “right,” are for individual freedom, personal responsibility, private property, and private ownership of businesses. The “far right,” if there was such a thing, would be anarchy.
        The Nazis were not only Socialists, they were the ultimate form of Socialists…the last phase of that ideology before it throws off the mask and admits to being Communism.

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      2. Frank and Freeda are correct — the far right is anarchy not fascism. On a political graph, conservative, libertarian and anarchist are on the right. (Total freedom — where everybody does their own thing — is anarchy.) In contrast, liberal, fascist and communist are on the left.

        Individualism (freedom and liberty) is on the right — socialism (regulation and control) is on the left.

        Liberalism (progressivism), fascism and communism — as related subsets of socialism — differ in the amount of control they impose.

        Progressivism is marked by substantial regulation; fascism allows private enterprise under state authority; but communism exerts total control. Hitler and Stalin clashed over the basic principle of property rights. Progressives and fascists at least believe in private property although with varying degrees of regulation.

        Fascists reject the Marxian view of socialism and the Nazis killed many who did not accept their brand of ideology.

        The American left promotes a revised narrative that fascism is not socialism, but conservatism. However, this is not commonly held in Germany and Austria.

        European writers — and they should know — depict Hitler as a national socialist. After 1934, German socialism sought to differentiate itself from Stalin’s communism. Whereas communism was divided by class — fascism was divided by race. This distinction — born out of anti-Semitism — was the genesis of Hitler’s Final Solution.

        Progressives must obscure the glaring reality:

        Communists divide us by class … fascists divide us by race … but liberals divide us by class, race, sex, gender, immigration status, social status, economic status, political status … 

        Jörg Guido Hülsmann, an Austrian historian, wrote:

        “Marxist socialists (communists) vociferously object to being classified under the same heading that includes Fascist Socialists and National Socialists. But all distinctions between these groups are on the surface. In theory, they are united.”

        Progressivism is the western brand of socialism. It was so recognized by Hitler and Mussolini who regarded FDR’s New Deal as American fascism.

        Author Amanda Busse wrote:

        “Fascism under Benito Mussolini and Nazism under Adolf Hitler came from the same intellectual source as Progressivism, the birth-mother of American liberalism. The term “liberal fascism” comes from a speech made by author H. G. Wells when he told a group of Young Liberals at Oxford that Progressives must become “liberal fascists” and “enlightened Nazis.”

        German historian Wolfgang Schivelbusch wrote:

        “The Nazi press enthusiastically hailed the New Deal measures. America, like the Reich, had decisively broken with the concept of a free market economy. They praised Roosevelt’s adoption of National Socialist thought in his economic and social policies, and commended the president for a leadership style that was compatible with Hitler’s dictatorship.”

        Conservatives are the fascists? The Left has done a superb job of disseminating ignorance.

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        1. Excellent!
          Thank you, you’ve done a much better job than I did explaining this.
          Too often the left just gets away with their wild accusations unchallenged, such as “Trump is a racist,” “Trump has told 7894 lies,” etc. and some actually accept and internalize those falsehoods.
          I think it’s partially due to the fact that Democrats and their “media” lapdogs generate SO MUCH outrageous crap on a daily basis, it’s difficult to address it all.
          Before the first lie can be exposed, the left has put out ten more.
          It’s the same with their corruption, treason, and evil. Before the public can be made aware of the Clinton/ Obama thugs colluding with Russia, China, and others to undermine our Republic, news breaks of killing babies who have just been born, and sex assaults by this or that Democrat, and voter fraud.
          I think this is because they are so intrinsically evil and corrupt, but also by design.
          American outrage can never reach a fever pitch on one Democrat action, before it’s forgotten under an avalanche of new ones.

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          1. I was reading an article on a Leftist website that was mocking my understanding of history. They suggested that if it were true that liberalism is related to fascism then Bernie Sanders could be considered a philosophical cousin of Adolf Hitler. Of course, that idea was beyond their intellectual capacity to reason so they dismissed it outright.

            Ideology and ignorance are difficult to overcome when millions of people have been taught to believe lies. As Lenin wrote, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.

            For example, the Left believes that President Trump suborned perjury and colluded with the Russians even though the evidence was fabricated. The man who wrote the falsified dossier (linking Trump to the Russians) admitted that the claims were untrue.

            Yet, the FBI presented the dossier to the FISA court as evidence for their petition to obtain warrants to investigate a crime that was never committed. That’s a felony — not to mention that people’s lives were ruined.

            Many people still aren’t aware that it was Hillary Clinton who solicited and paid for the dossier — a felony if paid for with campaign funds. In any case, HC should be in jail for obstruction of justice.

            There is collusion, but not involving the president. The real crime is the FBI’s protection of HC, and their contrived investigation of admitted lies.

            Lenin would be proud.

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  2. You know if you look at all of what is on offer from politics, ignoring any religious bias which is the other obscene force that wrecks lives, and really look at what it all means.

    Countries across the world have tried all sorts of flavors of ideology and there isn’t one that works 100% for the benefit of it’s citizens.

    All you see is a few of a ruling (usually from a stinking rich and privileged class) robbing the masses and using oppressive measures and brain washing against though who would fight such oppression.

    Some by force, others more subtly by selling the gullible a dream.

    Anyway, once in power, those few get richer through conquest or coercion by using the gullible in most cases. The sadistic as their enforcers, or by conscription using the less privileged as their ‘troops’ to further their own personal wealth.

    The worst bit about it? if only people would stop and think about it is the fighting that goes on between and within countries as those ideologies and wealth struggle to gain total control and POWER over their citizens.

    It’s a disgusting fact that personal wealth and greed makes MANKIND the only species that shafts each other for a percentage.

    That and MANKIND is one of a very few species that farms it’s own for personal gain.

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