Florida: Maid of Honor Guzzles Liquor, Tries to Steal Best Man’s Car, Assaults Two Medics, and Flashes the Police…

This young lady knows how to party! And she guzzles rum like a pirate…

For several dozen Florida people, Jan. 7, 2017, will now always be known as Amanda Willis’s big day.

That’s the day two of Willis’s friends, Jennifer and David Butler, were married in Charlotte County, Florida.

It’s also the day Willis was arrested on seven criminal charges.

The whole thing began soon after the actual ceremony, which attendees told NBC 2 was beautiful. Willis, Butler’s maid of honor, then began to drink heavily at the reception, according to one guest.

“She was a mess. She drank almost a whole entire bottle of Fireball,” Robert Templeton told NBC 2.

Within 30 minutes, Willis, who media reports say is 20 years old but was listed as 24 years old on her arrest record, was intoxicated, and when the happy couple went to cut the cake, she began approaching guests, asking for their car keys, according to David Butler.

After Butler brushed her off, Willis spoke to his brother and best man, Brian Butler. She somehow managed to get Brian Butler’s keys and made her way out to the parking lot, where she attempted to start the car and drive away. Butler and his brother managed to hold onto the car while it was moving and pull the emergency brake.

From there, guests said they escorted Willis back to the reception against her will. Once inside, however, she somehow got her hands on another bottle of liquor.

“She went back inside. She grabbed up the big bottle of Captain Morgan and just guzzled it,” Jennifer Butler told NBC 2.

After that, Templeton said Willis “cracked” him in the face before police were called.

Charlotte County Police told the Palm Beach Post that when they arrived, Willis said she was having an asthma attack, so they took her to a nearby hospital.

While there, Willis assaulted two medics, exposed herself to police and kicked over a bed pan.

Willis was still in jail as of Friday night. Her bail has been set at $25,000 and she faces charges of larceny, battery, battery of a person 65 years or older, battery of an officer, grand theft of a motor vehicle and violation of probation. She has been arrested eight times before in Charlotte County, according to police records.

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