What the State of the Union Tells Us About Democrats and the “Media”…

President Trump knocked it out of the park again with his State of the Union Address.

ALL Americans loved his speech, because he spoke for  all Americans.

At the same time, almost every Democrat and “media” personality hated the address.

The reason is so obvious and simple; Democrats ARE NOT Americans!

They hate freedom.

They despise GOD, family, fathers, mothers, trucks, cars, guns, Bibles, jobs, normal sex, fishing, hunting, private property, individual rights, and any and everything else you can think of that is central to every American’s daily existence. If you want an accurate picture of what Democrats hate and want to destroy, just take stock of your life and what you value and believe in.

Understand this.

When President Trump talks of ending the murder of babies, of freedom, of securing our nation from illegal foreign criminalsHe speaks for US!

That’s exactly what the left detests…US.

If it can’t be banned, regulated, permitted, and controlled…

If it isn’t brainwashed, indoctrinated, and isn’t a Marxist-leftist zombie… Democrats must destroy it.

3 thoughts on “What the State of the Union Tells Us About Democrats and the “Media”…

  1. It tells us so much more. For the most part leftists do not care for their constituents, the seek reelection for the power and perks ignorant voters bestow upon them.
    When faced with the opportunity to vote for two different people who are clearly sociopaths vote for neither.
    With Muelller’s investigation to produce results he has now turned to investigating Trump’s personal wealth and that of his family members is clearly not called for. The American Voter’s have a great understanding of fair play which some believe voters will be rejecting socialist candidates as the party destroys itself. When Trump runs again in 2020, Americans who reject more socialism will rise up, reelecting the president and at the same time there is a likely probability the Republicans will take back the house. It will be the Democrat/socialist own undoing. Thanks for the interesting read. J.C.

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    1. Thanks for reading it. If we do succeed in retaking our government, I hope the conservatives get off their butts and do the job we hired them to do…
      They should have accomplished so much more last time; Our wall, ending voting fraud, exposing and destroying the deep-state, etc.


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