Florida: Girl Orders Pizza, Then Steals Delivery Man’s Car to Visit Her Boyfriend…

She’s crafty…

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- A teenage girl stole a pizza delivery driver’s car early Wednesday morning in Lehigh Acres, deputies said.

Josie Bigelow, 14, is accused of stealing the driver’s car as he was outside completing a delivery to a house at 2501 3rd Street Southwest shortly after midnight.

The driver, identified as 49-year-old Christopher Cook, told deputies he saw a person come out from the woods as he was walking to the house’s front door. The person then got into his car and drove through the front yard and along a canal before getting away.

Eventually, an aviation unit spotted the car pull into a driveway on Sebring Circle, according to an incident report. That’s where deputies found Bigelow, about six miles away from where the car was taken.

The girl’s father said his daughter ordered the pizza so she could steal the driver’s car to visit her boyfriend.

However, the house where she parked the car was not her boyfriend’s.

Those who live there said they had never seen the car and were shocked to wake up to deputies. It is believed she tried to ditch the car there to no avail.

Bigelow was arrested and booked on recommended charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle. She has since been released.

Cook’s car has been returned. He said he gave the pizza to the responding deputies.

Via: NBC2

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