School Security Officer Arrested for Sexual Assault of 6-Year-Old Girl…

A security officer at Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Tampa, Florida, has been arrested for sexually assaulting a six-year-old student while she was blindfolded.

Malcolm Curtis Tillman, 22, was arrested Wednesday after an allegation by the girl was backed up by forensic evidence, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

He was charged with sexually battering a child younger than 12, which could mean life in prison.

The girl had told investigators she was taken to a ‘game room’ at the school by the security officer on January 10. There, he told her to sit with her hands behind her back, according to a report and affidavit.

Tillman ‘told (her) not to be scared,’ after he covered her girl’s eyes and nose with a black fleece jacket before sexually battering her. When she removed the jacket, the girl saw Tillman’s pants unbuttoned, according to the records. 

Tillman then allegedly said to the girl ‘they were all good’.

The 22-year-old admitted to being alone with the girl in the room, but denies the accusation claiming that he believed the student was victim of neglect and that he ‘wanted to determine how safe she was at home.’

The student had reported the incident on that day, and she was able to show authorities the black fleece jacket still in the game room on the back of a couch.

Investigators found Tillman’s semen on two areas of the jacket, according to the report.

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