Watch: The (Democrat) “Wisdom” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

8 thoughts on “Watch: The (Democrat) “Wisdom” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

  1. This video is difficult to watch because she is so stupid and representative of her generation. GOP strategist Ed Rollins referred to her as a “little girl” to which she replied, “(He) is a walking argument to tax misogyny at 100%”.

    So if you disagree with her you are a misogynist. Again, they have to throw names because they can’t win on the facts.

    Watching the Anderson Cooper interview, I had the same thought. His expression of disbelief said it all … “How did this woman get elected to Congress?”

    America is being turned over to these youngsters. How sad for our country’s future.

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      1. The Communist Party in America recognized in the 1950’s that they don’t have to be the majority in order to control the nation. All they had to do was infiltrate the institutions of information and communication such as education,
        entertainment and mass media.

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