Wrong House: Home Invaders Armed With Rifles Attack Homeowner in Texas, Home Invaders LOSE…

Good argument FOR high capacity magazines, and the weapons that accept them…The thugs came with rifles!

Houston police are investigating the deaths of three people who were fatally shot during an alleged home invasion in the eastern part of the city on Saturday morning.

Two others who also are alleged to have taken part in the home invasion were wounded.

The homeowner shot the five men who allegedly tried to break into the home just before 1am, police told KTRK-TV.

One man was found dead in front of the home and at least one wounded man fled the scene by foot, authorities said.

The others left in an SUV.

As the SUV tried to get away, it crashed head first into a pole not far from the home, investigators said.

When police reached the SUV, officers found a dead man inside.

Another man fled the car on foot, collapsed down the street, and was later pronounced dead, police said.

Another man who fled the scene on foot was found not far from the home with a gunshot wound to the leg, according to officers.

Police said they found several dozen shell casings just outside the home indicating that there was a shootout.

A neighbor told KPRC-TV he saw two men with large guns enter the home as the SUV pulled up, so he went inside to take cover.

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