Seattle Starbucks Will Install Safe Needle Disposal Boxes…

This all started when a Starbucks manager threw out some guys who were loitering, taking up a table, and not purchasing anything. The racist, leftist media made a big deal of this because of the men’s skin color, and pointed out that they were in college…so, the manager must be racist! Starbucks caved to the lib-prog-Democrat pressure, and rather quickly their coffee outlets have descended to this:

Several Starbucks locations in the Seattle area will be installing safe needle deposit boxes in store bathrooms after thousands of workers signed a petition calling on the coffee megachain to “protect employees.”

Workers took to to pen the petition, which 3,700 employees had signed by Wednesday evening, 300 shy of its 4,000 person goal.

In the petition, workers urged corporate to place needle deposit boxes in Starbucks bathrooms, citing the “heroin” and hepatitis C “crisis” as well as the risks involved with unsafely discarded hypodermic needles.

“Exposure to HIV/AIDS, Hep C, Hep B, etc. is a risk in Seattle where there is a heroin/hep c crisis,” the petition claimed. “Employees risk getting poked, and DO get poked, even when following ‘protocol’ of using gloves and tongs to dispose of used needles left in bathrooms, tampon disposal boxes, and diaper changing stations.”

The petition went on to report that along with the risk of being poked with needles, “Employees have to pay out-of-pocket for [treatment if poked] before being reimbursed until Starbucks’s company insurance kicks in.”

Baristas at Starbucks stores in Seattle, the coffee chain’s hometown, have reported they have to dispose of hypodermic needles left behind by drug users every day.

“[Needle users] put them in the tampon disposal boxes in the bathrooms and we have to dig them out,” one barista claimed.

Via: WZ

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