Democrat Freak Loses His Mind (and His Job) After Encountering a Customer in Trump Gear…

There was once a time in America when the brain-dead, freaks, and perverts were shunned and shamed into at least acting normal in public.

The left has succeeded in turning that around, so that now normal Americans are attacked for their support of the U.S., and freaks feel free to screech and rage against normal people.


We’ve heard that sissy-panties-commie-boy did get fired, but how does someone so intrinsically stupid ever get a job in the first place?

How is he free to walk the streets and attack Americans?

What if this freak sees a kid in a MAGA hat?

Does this weirdo vote?

What could possibly give anyone the idea that the left, who this freak accurately represents, should be in any position of power or influence?

The Democrats have created monsters, normalized them, filled them with rage, and unleashed them on us.

Personally, I’ve had enough.

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