Good Guy With a Gun: Carjacker Picks the Wrong Car…

Midlothian police say a man who opted to wait in his car Saturday while his wife shopped for groceries was ambushed by carjackers — but quickly turned the tables on them.

Caleb Michael Jefferson(Midlothian police)
Caleb Michael Jefferson
(Midlothian police)

Midlothian police were called shortly before 7 p.m. to Brookshire’s Grocery Store in the 1400 block of East Main Street to investigate a robbery.

When police arrived, they spoke with the victim, who described the holdup: He was sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot, waiting for his wife to finish shopping, when a man and woman approached his car.

Police identified the suspects as 21-year-old Caleb Michael Jefferson and 17-year-old Niyah Williams.

The man asked the victim, “What’s up?” Caught off guard, the victim thought he might know the man, who entered the vehicle and sat beside the driver. A woman got in, too, sitting directly behind the driver.

By then, the victim realized he didn’t know the suspects. The man in the passenger seat then reached under his shirt indicating that he had a gun and told the victim, “The next thing you say, you’re going to heaven.”

Unfazed by the threat, the victim responded by reaching into a bag beside him and pulling out his own .40-caliber handgun. He pointed his weapon at the suspect and said, “Let’s go!”

The suspects abandoned the robbery attempt and exited the vehicle, police said. The victim tried to stop them so they would not rob anyone else, but they kept walking away and entered the store.

Niyah Williams(Midlothian police)
Niyah Williams
(Midlothian police)

By this time, police had arrived and spotted the suspects exiting the store. When asked to stop, the couple kept walking away from the officers, who grabbed the suspects by the arms and detained them after slight resistance.

Both were taken into custody without injury and taken to the Midlothian jail before being booked into the Ellis County Jail.

They were charged with aggravated robbery, a second-degree felony, and resisting arrest, search, or transport, a Class A misdemeanor.

Jefferson is being held in lieu of $185,000 bail.

Via: DallasNews

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