How to Get Banned From the Gun Range for Life…

A Texas gun range says it has banned two men for life after one pointed a pistol at his friend’s head for a photo. Top Gun Range posted this video, which shows a RSO intervening and escorting the men out…

5 thoughts on “How to Get Banned From the Gun Range for Life…

    1. Yes, he was watching them and moved right in.
      All the “RSO”s I’ve met were great…They help new shooters with their stance and aim, they clear malfunctions, and go out of their way to make sure everyone is safe and gets any information they need or want. One where I sometimes go, loves to shoot my guns. I don’t mind at all, he’s ex-LEO and usually has some good tips and advice.
      If this man had accidentally shot his buddy, it would have been all over the news in an attempt to portray gun owners as stupid and dangerous. We all owe a big “thank you” to the RSO.

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