Watch: The Truth About the “Migrant Caravan”…

7 thoughts on “Watch: The Truth About the “Migrant Caravan”…

  1. I saw Marines digging trenches and installing barbed wire along the border. It was trippy to see. The Colonel said, “Marine Corps assets were deployed in support of the Border Patrol. We are not here to conduct law enforcement.”

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    1. Yeah the only bad part about that is Secretary Mattis issued an order that all troops deployed to the Border be UNARMED. This coming from a guy who once said “Be Polite, Be Professional but be Prepared to Kill everybody you meet.” My question would be, “OK, how do you expect me to do that, with a Spork?”

      Looks like being a Politician (and good ole’ Political Correctness) has got the best of ole’ Mad Dog Mattis at last.

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  2. Yeah, I wrote about this in The Coming Invasion, and noted that there are 36 walls existing or under construction between 72 countries. A nation has the sovereign right to defend its borders. Without borders there is no country.

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