Just for Fun: Some Crazy GIFs…







Told ya! I found these @ KnuckledragginMyLifeAway

It’s a site I found in my internet wanderings, run by a man who escaped California for the freedom of Tennessee. Good site, you should check it out and add it to your favorites!

2 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Some Crazy GIFs…

  1. I’ve thought about moving to Tennessee, but I’m no fan of heat and humidity … or tornadoes. I hear the mosquitoes are as big as hummingbirds and they bite during the day. Then you have to look out for the pit vipers — copperheads, rattlesnakes and cottonmouth.

    It’s one of the reddest states. Nashville and Memphis are blue, but Knoxville, Chattanooga and the rural areas are red. Still, I don;t care to get bit by skeeters and snakes.

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    1. We’re North Georgia, so we share much of Tennessee’s topography, skeeters, snakes, etc.
      The skeeters aren’t as bad as they are in say…Florida, and I’ve seen some out west that were bigger. Tennessee also has pretty mild winters, and no state income tax.

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