Lying Leftist Media Says Acosta Never Touched the Intern, See for Yourself…

13 thoughts on “Lying Leftist Media Says Acosta Never Touched the Intern, See for Yourself…

  1. Jimmy Kimmel and his late night cohorts have no qualms about writing off half their audience. Every night they give the proverbial finger to 50 million households. That’s based on the fact that 100 million homes have a TV and half of those are conservative.

    Any way you slice it the networks — just like the Democrat Party — have written off a large segment of the population. I don’t watch Kimmel and Colbert because their lap dog opinions conform with the liberal media conglomerate that controls news and entertainment.

    You would think that someone in the entertainment business would want to appeal to the largest audience possible, but Kimmel has no problem lying to millions of viewers. Of course, the people who watch Kimmel wouldn’t know the truth even when they see it on tape. He clearly doesn’t.

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    1. And in doing so, they lend credibility to the left. That’s why they attack cars with Trump stickers, and try and silence conservatives…they want you to think that you’re alone. They want Americans to feel that they’re a tiny minority, left behind by the march of leftist “progress.”
      Americans are constantly bombarded by an endless stream of Democrat propaganda in the educational system, media, entertainment, etc.
      It’s also why Dems act so rabidly violent when they encounter conservative ideas. They want us eradicated, and the feelings mutual, at least with me. I want them purged from our nation, and from any position of power, authority, or influence.

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      1. So true. Young people are exposed to socialist ideology in school, music, movies, magazines, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, cable TV, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Internet — they are totally immersed every waking moment. What’s a parent to do?

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        1. True.
          I grew up with patriotic shows and movies.
          Comedians loved the U.S.
          We played Army, or cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers.
          And football. Of course, back then the NFL didn’t kneel at our National Anthem, or wear pink shoes.
          Comic books were things like Sgt. Rock, and Superman fought for “truth, justice, and the American Way.”
          We got BB guns at age 10, and a .22 rifle at age 13.
          High School had gun clubs, and if a kid brought a gun to school, he would show it off to the teachers who’d offer to help sight it in.
          We had morning prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag.
          My grade school had the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the German Commander’s demand for U.S. surrender at the Battle of the Bulge, the U.S. commander’s response…and classic art posted throughout the building.
          Now…suspension for pop-tarts that were eaten into a “gun shape,” rainbow flags, and sodomite comic book heroes fighting Americans on behalf of illegal aliens. Columbus, Washington, and any other national figure are presented as bad guys, and the military as oppressors. GOD is mocked, and believers belittled. Parents, and especially fathers, are attacked and undermined.

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          1. … and a shotgun at 16. I had completely forgotten about Sgt. Rock comics.

            Here’s what happened, and it began in the ’50’s. Communists infiltrated local Democrat clubs where they were able to circulate Marxist ideas. The California Democrat Council was a Communist front organization that advised the Democrat Party with regards to policy and candidates.

            Thousands of American citizens were recruited by Soviet operatives to join activist community groups for the purpose of fomenting civil dissent. Lawyers, teachers, labor organizers, writers and entertainers had been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as Communist subversives. Hundreds were prosecuted in accordance with the Smith Act from 1941-1957.

            It didn’t matter that so many were exposed because it only a takes a few well-positioned activists in academia and entertainment. to leaven the whole loaf. The yeast is fully risen and so we have a compromised nation. The irony is that our very own Bill of Rights protects the radicals who seek to destroy us.

            Project Veritas has uncovered communists at the FBI and State Department. The meekly Jeff Sessions didn’t act, but I am confident that Trump will keep his promise and clear the swamp.

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            1. “I am confident that Trump will keep his promise and clear the swamp.”
              Oh dear GOD, I hope so!
              You’re dead on in your analysis.
              What’s weird is that the Dems follow the Soviet doctrine, long after it has failed. It’s over, and Communism/ Socialism/ etc. lost! Collapsed everywhere it’s been tried.
              But…Democrat zombies march on to try and spread Soviet ideals, long after the death of Soviet ideals.


              1. But CNN tells us that the Russians are in collusion with the Republicans. Well, the Democrats sold their soul to the commies 70 years ago … and for what?

                Power. Absolute power.

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              2. The left LOVES Communism…they only use that as an attack because they know Americans hate Communism and some still associate that with Russia.
                It’s idiocy!
                Why would Russia’s interests be served by Trump?
                I’m certain they would rather have had Hillary, who sold them our Uranium and has many, many skeletons in her (and Bill’s) closet they could use to control her


    1. Thanks. It’s pretty obvious Acosta made contact, and pushed her arm away with a blocking motion.
      She was simply doing her job, and was visibly stunned by his lack of decorum.
      I’m actually surprised the President didn’t take the microphone himself, and I’m 100% positive the thought crossed his mind.

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