Multiculturalism: Man in Tennessee Escapes Human Sacrifice…


Police have arrested a second man in connection to a failed human sacrifice in Clarksville.

On Dec. 26, Clarksville Police say three people tried to sacrifice Jose Mendez at a mobile home on Power Street.

Mendez tells FOX 17 News the people who tried to kill him used to be his friends. He said he was cutting fish in the kitchen when Bernardino Molina started to cry, and told Mendez they have to sacrifice him to Santa Muerte, or Holy Death.

Molina then told Sarah Miller and Daniel Rodriguez Molina to lock the windows and doors to make sure Mendez didn’t rush out of the home.

Mendez managed to escape, but not before getting punched and stabbed in the head and forearm.

Alexandria McFarlin just moved into the home next door a couple of months ago and had no idea this happened, but says it’s terrifying.

“Already being paranoid about a new place, knowing there was a stabbing right next door, it’s frightening,” McFarlin said.

Mendez said it’s not the first time he’s heard his former friends talk about sacrifice. He doesn’t speak English, but his stepson translated for us.

“He said that when they were drunk, they used to be saying that they be killing people in Mexico.”

However, Mendez doesn’t think they have killed anyone in America.

Sarah Miller was arrested last February, and Bernardino Molina was just arrested on Tuesday. Police are still looking for Daniel Rodriguez Molina.

Santa Muerte has attracted millions of followers in the past decade. Author Andrew Chesnut wrote that Santa Muerte has become one of the most popular and powerful saints in Mexico and the Americas, with her paraphernalia and statuettes outselling those of Saint Jude and The Virgin of Guadalupe.

Via: FOX17

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            1. Kwanzaa, and Cinco De Mayo, are made up leftist crap. Neither are even celebrated in their home nations, only foisted on U.S. citizens. We don’t celebrate them either, but everyone tolerates the twenty-two people nationwide who pretend to, as no-one wants to be labeled as intolerant.

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